Columbiana adjusts district voting lines

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 23, 2003

With all members present, the Columbiana City Council recently adopted an ordinance to adjust the boundaries of election wards, approved the purchase of a new garbage truck, approved the purchase of police equipment and approved applications for two grants to help the library.

The ordinance to adjust district voting lines was introduced by Councilmember Tom Seale at an earlier meeting but not given immediate consideration to allow the public time to


It was adopted by the council at its regular Dec. 16 meeting.

The new district lines must now be approved by the U.S. Justice Department.

According to information provided by Columbiana Public Works Director Hilry King, the ideal population for each ward in Columbiana is 665 people.

However, he said, the actual number may be within 5 percent over or under.

Under the proposed ordinance, District 1 will include 249 whites and 415 other for a total population of 664. That means the district will have a minority population of 62.5 percent and is 0.2 percent below the ideal total population for the district.

District 2 is proposed to have a total population of 681 with 550 white and 131 other. That is 2.4 percent above the ideal population.

District 3 is proposed to include 637 people including 578 white and 59 other, 4.4 percent below the ideal population.

District 4 is proposed to include 683 people.

That includes 644 white and 39 other and is 2.6 percent above the ideal population.

And District 5 is proposed to include 659 people including 593 white and 66 other, less than 1 percent below the ideal population.

In other business, the council approved the purchase of a new garbage truck from Larry Pucket Chevrolet on a state bid for an estimated $28,000.

The council also approved the purchase of equipment for a new police car totaling $5,440 and the purchase of three radars for police cars totaling $3,000. And the council approved the employment of Wes Walker as a full-time dispatcher.

In another Police Department matter, Columbiana Police Chief Michael Lann recognized Lauren Rasco as a winner of

his department’s Brother’s Keeper Award.

According to Lann, Rasco went to a basketball game at the high school and found an open envelope on the floor with $300 cash in it. She took the money to the first teacher she could find, and it was soon returned to the rightful owner.

&uot;The Columbiana Police Department wishes to recognize Ms. Rasco for doing the right thing, even when no one was watching. We are very proud of you.&uot;

He also said of her parents, Dawn and Russell Rasco, &uot;It is evident that the Rascos have planted a lot of good seeds in the life of their children, and I know that it must be a good feeling to know that the effort you have put in is paying off in such a remarkable young lady.&uot;

The council approved the application for a grant with the Department of Development Services to benefit the Columbiana Library in the amount of $5,000 and an application for a grant with Dollar General Store for the library in the amount of $1,500.

In other matters the council:

* Approved the payment of $210,876 to R.E. Grills Construction for downtown renovation from bond money.

* Approved the payment of $23,837 to Gresham, Smith & Partners for Main Street Renovation to come from bond money.

* Approved the payment of $19,000 from the Sewer Fund for a settlement with ADEM.

* Approved the transfer of $3,158 from the General Fund to Ball Park Construction and $2,354 from the General Fund to the Library Account and $234,000 from Bond money to the Bond Distribution Account