Schools need your help

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 6, 2004

These are the facts.

* 22,700 students in system.

* 30 current mills collected for schools.

*&160;1,000 additional students expected each year.

* There must be space to educate our children.

* The board of education has developed a capital plan to meet the spatial needs brought about by growth.

* The 9-mill addition will go directly toward meeting those needs.

We can either rise to meet our needs now or face the consequences, i.e., students in more and more trailers attempting to learn in an environment that is not at all conducive to learning.

However you intend to vote, we ask that you do two things:

* Disregard the rhetoric from both sides of the issue. Much has been said and written about the issue that is partially, if not totally, incorrect and misleading. We have attempted in the Reporter during the past three weeks to clear up these issues.

* Study the ballot for yourselves. Learn the facts. Determine if you can afford to make changes that will aid in the education of our children.

Then make an informed decision and vote