Coaches name all-county teams

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Special to Reporter

The Shelby County Coaches Association recently named its all-county teams for both football and volleyball.

All-county players were named by the coaches of each member school and coaches of the year were selected by a vote of the coaches.

In football Chelsea’s Watt Parker was named Shelby County Coach of the Year.

Selected as all-county football players were Tim Baker, C.J. Pearson, Jake Garzarek and Mike Watts of Calera; from Oak Mountain: Bear Burnett, Matt Taylor, Chris Johnson and Trent McKnight; from Vincent: Jerrod Datcher, Draper Yowe, Desmond Ford and Desmond Yowe; from Briarwood Christian: Joe Craddock, Simeon Castille, T.J. Claud and John Post; from Chelsea: Grant Sullivan, Andrew Lafferty, Jonathon Arnold and Daniel Dempsey; from Montevallo: Heath Pickett, Anthony Ward, Brian Fulgham and Corey Lovelady; from Pelham: Drew Burleson, Montez Billings, Scooter Alford and Rusty Jones; from Thompson; Eric Bogan, Justin Griffin, Tony Myers and Darious Sheffield; from Shelby County: Brandon Burns, Marc Lemley, Derek Harris and Sean McKinley.

Awarded honorable mentions for football were Scott Hall, Terry Green, David Lacey, Glynn Dowdell and Paul Delbridge from Calera; from Vincent: Steven Adams, Butch Grimmett and Maurice Kelley; from Briarwood Christian: Charles Hoke, Jonathan Lawrence, John Hall and Matthew Hutchinson; from Chelsea: Kevin Wheeler, Sam Russell, Chase Bluemly and Jeremy Pilkington; from Montevallo, Luke Cummings, Bobby Ammons and Keldric Farrington; from Pelham: Bob Kress, Rob Warren, Case Kuehner and Daniel Bell; from Thompson: Robin Oden, Landon Vickery, Johnny Scoggins, Tony Bell and Tommy Armstrong; and from Shelby County: LaRico Crumpton, Davey Horton, David House, Andrew Lamb and Matt Vick.

In volleyball Oak Mountain’s Emily Sharpe was named Shelby County Coach of the Year.

Selected as all county volleyball players were Sherita Keller and Nicole Loggins from Vincent; from Montevallo: Shanteeka Reed and Kinyatta Hayes; from Pelham: Rachel Hardeway and Michelle Daughtry; from Chelsea: Sarah Hunt and Molly Studdard; from Oak Mountain: Monika Tortorici and Liz McDaniel; from Shelby County: Randy Reeves and Tameko Player; and from Thompson: Pamela Cartagena and Katie Williamson.

Awarded honorable mentions for volleyball were Haley Dennis and Ashley Ebrahimi from Montevallo; from Pelham: Brittany Harden, Casey Deut, Carrie Butler, Meg McSwain and Meghan Sherman; from Chelsea: Melissa Potter and Melissa Beard; from Oak Mountain: Lauren Tortorici, Carey Donald, Melissa Denson and Teresa Clements; from Shelby County: Kassadie Jones; and from Thompson: Tamara Williams, Danielle Marshall, Felicia Giddens and Danielle Sines