New water main ready next week

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 27, 2004

The new water main is installed and should be ready to be hooked up by the first of next week, along with the new sewer lines.

That’s the downtown renovation report of Columbiana Mayor Allan Lowe.

In his weekly update, Lowe also reported that street light poles scheduled for delivery in mid-February were shipped last Thursday and should be here by mid-week.

&uot;I fight the urge to put them up now out of caution that nothing happen to them during the road construction,&uot;

Lowe said.

The mayor said road crews, sidewalk crews, utility crews and city crews continue to work around one another on the project.

&uot;Daily improvements can be seen from storefronts, and an increasing number of shoppers as sidewalks are being laid further down Main Street,&uot; Lowe said.

&uot;By the end of this week, all of Main Street from the Old Courthouse Museum to the current courthouse should be in place and ready for business.

&uot;I, personally, have reviewed the renovation blueprints of two downtown storefronts and couldn’t be more pleased with the charm of each design. Hopefully, this will inspire other repairs and facelifts that will enhance the beauty of our city.&uot;

The mayor also announced that he and city business owners were expected to meet today to develop &uot;a marketing strategy&uot; on how best to promote the city and its businesses.

&uot;Columbiana has an ideal mix of specialty shops and large retail stores that have always supported our community and her activities. We’ve come a long way with folks like this, and we’re going to go a lot further,&uot; Lowe said.

He said streets, sidewalks and sewers in Columbiana will all be given the once-over shortly.

He said a prioritization of these concerns will be established and a three to five-year plan will be developed that will repair or replace known problems throughout the neighborhoods.

The mayor further noted that Columbiana will host a Walkable Communities Workshop in early March.

He said the workshop will focus on how Columbiana can take effective steps to become an even more pedestrian friendly city.

&uot;If we adopt this philosophy now, then we can keep it going as we grow,&uot; Lowe said.