Main Street project continues on time

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Special to the Reporter

Renovation efforts continue on schedule and are picking up steam in the downtown renovation project, according to Columbiana Mayor Allan Lowe.

Lowe said Tuesday marked the 108th workday, the exact halfway mark for the project’s allowed time for completion.

&uot;As of this date, almost all of the sidewalks have been poured from the Old Courthouse Museum to the current courthouse. Water lines and sewer lines have been laid and the many taps to these lines have been connected,&uot; Lowe said.

&uot;The benefits of just those activities are far greater than I could describe,&uot; the mayor continued, &uot;but can be summed up by saying that the Columbiana Water Board and Columbiana public works department have added many, many years to the life of our water and sewer systems downtown.&uot;

Lowe said the city expects curbing to be poured at the main intersection by the end of next week, followed immediately by continued sidewalk installation and placement of the &uot;beautiful brick pavers&uot; that will accent each corner at the intersection of Main Street and College Street.

&uot;You’ll also notice that contractors are almost finished with burying electrical conduit and wires that will feed our traffic signal poles and the motion detectors that will lie under the street and control the traffic lights,&uot; Lowe said.

&uot;I made the decision to add a few more electrical receptacles along Main Street which will accommodate more vendors for our Liberty Day and Christmas celebrations, as well as other events that the Merchants and Professionals Association is planning for the coming year.&uot;

Lowe said BellSouth is now pulling conduit and phone cables underneath Main Street in hopes of removing several utility poles that had to remain in place until now to provide telephone service to our city and outlying communities.

&uot;We hope to see several of these poles disappear early March, which is also when we expect to see our streets reopen with fresh pavement, curbs and sidewalks,&uot; Lowe said.

The mayor also noted that two more downtown property owners have told him of their intentions to begin the immediate remodeling on their buildings.

&uot;Every resident and visitor will be amazed at the finished design of these buildings,&uot; Lowe said.

&uot;Barring any significant weather delays, we will welcome the month of March as we walk, shop and drive downtown.&uot;