Governor must step up

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 24, 2004

When Gov. Bob Riley was campaigning in Shelby County, he may have opened his mouth one too many times.

He &uot;promised&uot; residents of Helena that he would step up to addressing the various road problems that city faces.

Helena is the fastest growing city (population-wise) in the state. Subdivisions are popping up all over and with them, residents who choose to live in the wonderful, little bedroom community and travel to work in other areas.

Gov. Riley came through Helena on the campaign trail and saw for himself the hardships city residents face on their roads.

At that time, he said to Helena officials and residents alike that roads in that growing community would be tops on his list.

Now, residents are demanding that Riley stand by his campaign &uot;promise&uot; and well, they should.

Promises made at times like those are often empty ones. We are realists and we know that.

However, when faced with a problem that is ever-increasing, citizens must stand up and hold our politicians to those promises.

Helena residents and officials are doing that now. It will be interesting to see the results