Progress has something for all

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Progress can be defined in many different ways depending on one’s perspective.&160;

For some it is exciting, presenting a chance to learn and grow. For others, Progress is something to fear, pointing out that failure is always a possibility.

Princeton University (1997) defines progress this way:&160; Progress n. 1: gradual improvement or growth or development: &uot;advancement of knowledge&uot;; &uot;great progress in the arts&uot;; &uot;their research and development gave them an advantage. 3: a movement forward; &uot;he listened for the progress of the troops&uot;. 1: make progress; &uot;He progressed well in school&uot; 2: move forward, also in the metaphorical sense: &uot;Time marches on&uot;.

Here at the Shelby County Reporter, we tend to define Progress as our largest single edition of the year; one that gives us the opportunity to produce some of our best work: from news and feature writing, to advertising design, to printing, to distribution.&160;

The edition you received in the mail this week or perhaps from a local newsstand is the culminating event of months of work.

While producing a single newspaper of this size would be no great chore for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (they do so most every Sunday), it is an exciting challenge for those of us who call Shelby County home.

Here are a just few story highlights from today’s edition that I expect you’ll find worth reading:&160;The Aldrich Coal Mine Museum offers a glimpse of our county’s history few know and all should experience.&160;

Shelby Baptist Medical Center is performing a cutting-edge surgery that is not only saving lives, it is changing lives.&160;

Local soccer star Kat Reddick is preparing to represent our county and the United States in the next Olympic Games.

You’ll even find a few plumbing tips from our friends at Morrison Plumbing.

All in all, I believe there is something for everyone in today’s newspaper.&160;

It has been an exciting challenge to bring this to you; one that I expect you will find was worth the effort.

We truly hope that you enjoy your newspaper this week.

Tim Prince is the publisher of the Shelby County Reporter. He can be reached at