Public transit crucial to county

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Despite Shelby County’s low unemployment numbers and its high median household income, the county continues to serve sectors of the population that don’t quite fit into the county’s typical household.

For instance, ClasTran provides public transportation to the county’s rural, elderly and disabled population.

This vital service often goes unnoticed, although countless numbers of citizens remain unemployed due to a lack of transportation.

Public transportation benefits rural and metropolitan areas.

Public transit systems such as ClasTran could be part of a solution to Shelby County’s looming designation as a non-attainment area for ozone pollution.

Public transit takes individual cars off the road, reducing smog and traffic.

Public transit could lessen the burden on the county’s roads.

We hope more residents consider calling ClasTran to arrange transportation during the week.

With increased citizen participation, public transit in Shelby County can justify continued support from the county commission, as well as the state and federal government