Scratch golf Nolen leads Eagles with near-par play

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Oak Mountain junior Jake Nolen shot a three-under-par in nine holes at Inverness Country Club Monday, before the Eagles’ match with Vestavia Hills was called due to an afternoon thunder storm.

Shooting near and even under par is nothing new for Nolen, said OMHS coach John Pledger.

&uot;He’s about a scratch golfer,&uot; Pledger said. &uot;His handicap is about a 0.&uot;

Nolen, along with seniors Bryan Gibson and Matt Merrick, has led the Eagles to a 5-3 record in one of the state’s toughest areas.

&uot;Some of the best golf teams in the state are in this area,&uot; Pledger said.

Monday’s match between Oak Mountain and Vestavia Hills was called a draw. The Eagles lost to the Rebels in a previous meeting.

Nolen, who shot a 1-under-par at Greystone Country Club earlier in the season, is expected to qualify for state competition at the April 26 sectional tournament at Inverness Country Club.

OMHS will also play to qualify in team competition