Calera fire stops aid to Chilton County

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Following a dispute over a March 17 fire, Calera Fire and Rescue squads will no longer respond to areas outside the Calera city limits in Chilton County.

Calera Fire Chief Tommy Moon told the City Council Monday about the call indicating a grass fire in north Chilton County. He said upon responding to the call, he realized the fire was actually farther into Chilton County than indicated.

Moon said he stopped his responding trucks within the Calera City Limits as he went to investigate the fire, located at a scrap metal recycling plant.

Immediately, Moon said he realized he was not responding to a grass fire.

Moon said he notified Emergency 911 staff to alert the North Chilton Volunteer Fire Department about the fire. Moon said no other fire crews had responded.

&uot;I made the decision to bring our trucks on down there to keep the whole place from burning up,&uot; he said.

Eventually, Moon said the North Chilton Fire Department showed up with a brush truck and two firefighters.

Following the incident, Moon said he received a warning from the chief of the North Chilton Volunteer Fire Department to keep out of their territory.

&uot;They accused me of not notifying their fire department, which I did. It’s all recorded and logged,&uot; Moon said. &uot;We were just trying to be a good neighbor.&uot;

Moon said this was the third time he had received similar warnings from the chief.

&uot;Calera Fire and Rescue will no longer respond to North Chilton fire territory,&uot; Moon said, adding they would not respond alone or for mutual aid.

Moon said he notified Emergency 911 staff in writing of the change.

Moon asked the council’s opinion about adopting a policy stating that Calera Fire and Rescue will only respond to Calera city limits inside Chilton County.

&uot;I don’t want to go through this again,&uot; Moon said.

Council members approved the motion, provided that Moon and Mayor George Roy ensure that all residents within Calera city limits are covered and that others inside Chilton County are covered by the North Chilton Volunteer Fire Department.