Lawmakers failed voters

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 6, 2004

Of all of the varied tasks laid out before Alabama’s legislators during this legislative session in Montgomery, perhaps the most important was the budget.

After all, money trumps all other considerations, and without a budget, the state is left uncertain about where money will come from, as well as how much money different agencies will receive.In essence, the state is left in limbo without a budget.

Legislators certainly had their work cut out for them, considering massive shortfalls in the state’s vital oil and gas trust funds. For the past several years, these funds have rung up about $250 million short.

The problem is, legislators failed to meet this hefty budget challenge. Our lawmakers failed their constituents, the voters and the taxpayers.

Gov. Bob Riley’s accountability measures failed. Today, the Senate is considering where to levy new taxes, without increased accountability.

What happened? Where were our legislators last week when a quorum was absent? Were they at the Bruno’s Memorial Classic, watching golf balls sail through the air?

Our budget needed their attention. Now, legislators must call a special session , just to write a budget