Wilsonville woman expresses dismay

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Dear Editor:

No longer can I sit quietly by without saying a word while my friends and neighbors are being robbed blind.

I live in Wilsonville and we have had dozens of break-ins, not only to stores and the post office but to our homes as well.

I have heard people say everything from electronics to their children’s tennis shoes has been stolen.

Then, for the Mayor to state in the paper that he &uot;does not believe Wilsonville needs police protection&uot; is a complete outrage.

Is he purposely trying to scare families and businesses away from our town?

I would like to apologize to him ahead of time for not being a member of the good old boy society who protects their homes with Smith & Wesson or attack dogs.

Most of us here have children and fear for their safety, therefore believe those two forms of protection are not acceptable.

Like any normal town, we believe we need police to protect us. So this August, I encourage every one to vote the old way out and the new in.

Otherwise, we will have to continue to live with high crime, dirty streets and stray dogs roaming around town until someone decides to make a change.

Tracie Marcum