Revival of patriotism – Local author Beth Chapman releases book about speech

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 26, 2004

North Shelby County resident Beth Chapman has reached another milestone in her career.

Her recently released book, &uot;The Power of Patriotism: The Speech Heard Around the World,&uot; appears to be a hit.

In February 2003, at the beginning of the war in Iraq, Chapman gave a rousing speech at the Pelham Civic Center.

That night, she said, she went to bed, never realizing the stir that four-minute speech would cause.

Chapman said since that time, the speech traveled through all 50 states and 18 countries.

&uot;It became a world-renowned Internet phenomenon,&uot; Chapman said.

The speech was read and well-received by members of the military aboard several aircraft carriers including the USS Kitty Hawk and the USS Abraham Lincoln. It was also read in the Pentagon, the White House and NASA.

&uot;It was read by American soldiers in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq and was used by one Army sergeant to boost the morale of his soldiers the first day they marched on the streets of Baghdad,&uot; Chapman said.

&uot;It was also read aboard the USS Providence submarine the first day they fired missiles from the Red Sea,&uot; she said.

While her words traveled, she received, and continues to receive thousands of emails, phone calls and letters from veterans, soldiers, their family members and patriotic citizens expressing their support for the speech which praised the military and condemned anti-American statements made by liberals in the entertainment industry.

She has included a number of these in the book.

&uot;Your speech was right on target,&uot; said one gentleman from Kentucky. &uot;It is so encouraging to find a public servant who is willing to stand up against the radical liberals who don’t appreciate the freedoms they have or how those freedoms came about in the first place.&uot;

That gentleman, Greg Murphy of Shelbyville, Ky., was on hand last Sunday at the first unveiling of Chapman’s book.

A reception and book signing was held at the home of Doug and Gail Acton.

More than 250 people turned out to pick up their pre-purchased copies of the book or to purchase and have one signed by the author, who also serves as Alabama’s state auditor.

Many of those present, in fact, purchased numerous copies of the book and had them signed for friends and relatives.

State Rep. Mike Hill purchased a copy of the book for each of the libraries of the Shelby County School System.

Others turned out at the reception for a chance to shake Chapman’s hand and tell her how the speech had touched them.

A couple of those, Attorney Gen. Troy King, Public Service Commissioner George Wallace Jr., Congressman Spencer Bachus and Alabama’s Adjutant Gen. Mark Bowen spoke to the crowd about Chapman and her work with veterans and the military.

&uot;Beth Chapman tells it like it is both in her speech and in her book,&uot; Bowen said.

Gen. King agreed.

&uot;America, Alabama, freedom and I are fortunate to have a friend like Beth Chapman. Beth called our people to arms in defense of those things that matter most; things like God, family and country, at a time when we needed it most and when others were silent,&uot; he said.

The book’s foreward is written by Gen. Bowen with quotes provided by Atty. Gen. King and radio personalities Rick and Bubba.

The book includes an explanation of the development of the speech and a description of the environment in which she gave it. The speech itself is also included.

From there, the book includes heart-touching examples of the thousands of real-life stories she received from soldiers on the battlefields, veterans and family members of those who serve or have served.

One of those she included in the book is from Fredrick Claudio who served in the U.S. Navy follows:

&uot;I would simply like to say thank you for that fine speech and that too often the people we protect and serve do not really appreciate the freedom they take for granted. As one who served, I know eternal vigilance is the price of freedom. And that it also requires a quiet but firm resolve to keep it.

&uot;And if my watch earned one peaceful night of rest for even one deserving individual, I did my job. Again, from a veteran, thank you.&uot;

Chapman’s book, which she said she wrote in about six hours, is filled from beginning to end with the patriotism for which Chapman says Americans are longing.

&uot;The responses I received from across the world (for the speech) prove what I have known all along; American people are hungry, thirsty … literally starving for ways to express their patriotism and support for our country and our troops,&uot; she said. &uot;This speech gave them that outlet.&uot;

She believes her book will continue that quest and if the reaction so far is any indication, she’s right.

&uot;The Power of Patriotism: The Speech Heard Around the World&uot; was published by Beth Chapman & Associates LLC in association with Seacoast Publishing Inc. and is only available through the Internet or mail order. For information or to purchase a copy of the book, visit or call 985-8753.

&uot;This book represents an enormous love of God and country. It is a story of how a simple speech left the hands and lips of an average American citizen and touched the hearts of a nation starving for a way to express their thoughts and feelings of patriotism. This is the speech that fed that hunger and encouraged a nation to express their thoughts and feelings and empowered a world to embrace them. This is The Power of Patriotism – The Speech Heard Around the World.