Coaches name All-County players

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 8, 2004

The Shelby County Coaches Association released its All-County spring sports teams last week, with Oak Mountain leading the way with 29 selections and five Coaches of the Year.

Coach of the Year recipients are: baseball – Tommy Youngblood, Oak Mountain, softball – Ron Holsombeck, Montevallo; boys soccer – Derek Dearman, Oak Mountain; girls soccer – Samantha Corker, Chelsea; boys track – Patrick Kellogg, Pelham; girls track – Marty Springfield, Oak Mountain; boys golf – John Pledger, Oak Mountain; girls golf – Jim Brown, Briarwood; boys tennis – Betty Shivers, Pelham; and girls tennis – Toni Leo, Oak Mountain.

The All-County baseball team members are: Steven Barrow, Shelby County; Drew Holsomback, Shelby County; Dave Cofer, Shelby County; Robert Schofield, Thompson; Nick Harris, Thompson; Ryan Chase, Thompson; Jimbo Crew, Briarwood; Matt Williams, Briarwood; Joe Craddock, Briarwood; A.J. Ward, Montevallo; Will Stroup, Oak Mountain; Bear Burnette, Oak Mountain; Clint Massey, Oak Mountain; Jonathan McKinney, Vincent; Brandon Carden, Vincent; Shaun Sheehan, Pelham; Stuart Haywood, Pelham; Scott Dickey, Pelham; James Ward, Chelsea; Evan Andrews, Chelsea; and Grant Sullivan, Chelsea.

Those named as All-County baseball honorable mention are: Douglas Pate, Chelsea; Casey Morris, Chelsea; Andrew Lafferty, Chelsea; Chris Holcomb, Chelsea; Bert Smith, Pelham; Andrew Davis, Pelham; Ryan Kral, Pelham; Brad Nichols, Briarwood; Chris Robins, Thompson; Malachi Gandy, Thompson; Austin Lucas, Briarwood; and Robert Bolton, Shelby County.

All-County softball selections are: Kassadie Jones, Shelby County; Brooklynn Philips, Shelby County; Meagan Billingsley, Shelby County; Miranda Bryan, Thompson; Nicole Lowery, Thompson; Amber Crabb, Thompson; Haley Craddock, Briarwood; Katie England; Katie Jones, Montevallo; Dee Dee Ray, Montevallo; Haley Dennis, Montevallo; Lindsay Brogdon, Oak Mountain; Anna Cramer, Oak Mountain; Heather Austin, Oak Mountain; April Barber, Vincent; Trish Settler, Pelham; Brandi Lavender, Pelham; Ashley Smith, Pelham; Jessica Bastin, Chelsea; Morgan Baldwin, Chelsea; and Melissa Beard, Chelsea.

Those named as All-County softball honorable mention include: Lauren Lewis, Pelham; Sarah Clark, Pelham; Allison Young, Pelham; Janell Swain, Vincent; Kaley Joiner, Vincent; Lindsay Creighton, Oak Mountain; Lauren Stephens, Montevallo; Melissa Staffney, Montevallo; Katie McGuire, Thompson; Ashley Blankenship, Thompson; and Rachel Bentley, Shelby County.

Boys soccer: Jordan Means, Pelham; Dalton Huey, Oak Mountain; Matt Taylor, Oak Mountain; Scott Shelton, Chelsea; and Andrew Shelton, Chelsea.

Boys soccer, honorable mention: Trey Gregory, Oak Mountain; Andrew Riley, Oak Mountain; and Daniel Hurley, Chelsea.

Girls soccer: Anne McIntyre, Oak Mountain; Catherine Spiker, Oak Mountain; Emily Crawford, Chelsea; and Charlie Bowman, Chelsea.

Girls soccer, honorable mention: Paige Lewis, Oak Mountain and Gina Lisella, Chelsea.

Boys track: David Clyburn, Pelham; Jason McMillan, Pelham; James Oden, Vincent; Darnell Swain, Vincent; Nick lambert, Oak Mountain; James Hope, Oak Mountain; and Maurice Whiting, Shelby County.

Boys track, honorable mention: Montez Billings, Pelham; Daniel Bell, Pelham; Davis Hurst, Pelham; Bob Kress, Pelham; Derrione Swain, Vincent; Jeff Jantz, Vincent; and Norman Austin, Oak Mountain.

Girls track: Keri Riggins, Vincent; Lashae Hicks, Vincent; Sarah Bond, Oak Mountain; Hannah Farmer, Oak Mountain; and Kiersten Shaw, Shelby County.

Girls track, honorable mention: Mary Grace Decastra, Oak Mountain; Randi Reaves, Shelby County; and Jessica Motes, Shelby County.

Boys golf: Kyle Gray, Pelham; Jake Nolen, Oak Mountain; and Jack Tidwell, Shelby County.

Boys golf, honorable mention: Patrick Burk, Pelham; Jake Sartin, Oak Mountain; and Hunter Hill, Shelby County.

Girls golf: Danielle Whitehead, Oak Mountain.

Girls golf, honorable mention: Sara McDaniel, Oak Mountain.

Boys tennis: Ryan Noel, Oak Mountain; Weldon Pless, Briarwood; Josh Gibson, Shelby County; and Sam Wheeler, Shelby County.

Boys tennis, honorable mention: Dalton Walsh, Oak Mountain; Price Mason, Briarwood; and Brook Acton, Briarwood.

Girls tennis: Alli Nolen, Oak Mountain; Katy Donaldson, Briarwood; and Rachel Gibson, Shelby County.

Girls tennis, honorable mention: Leslie Enzol, Oak Mountain; Cathryn Marie Albright, Briarwood; Katie Smitherman, Briarwood; Amanda Tapley, Briarwood; Kelley Vaughn, Briarwood; Lauren Linton, Briarwood; and Tamiko Player, Shelby County.

Editor’s note: Shelby County’s spring All-County selections were determined by high school coaches from the Shelby County Coaches Association. No selections were submitted from Calera High School