‘Serious’ candidates are needed

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Millions of dollars are spent in our cash-strapped state on elections.

There are ballots to print and deliver, poll workers to compensate and many other expenses that must be met in order to have an election in the state of Alabama.

As citizens of a state in which we must pinch our pennies to make a general fund budget that is already tight, we must demand that those who run for elected office are serious.

One such candidate has made the removal of &uot;fat people&uot; a priority.

This waste of taxpayer dollars is inexcusable.

Our municipalities, our county, our state and even our country have serious problems.

We must elect dedicated men and women who will seek successful ways to solve these problems.

Wasting time and money is no longer acceptable under such critical circumstances.

We only hope when voters go to the polls and choose their candidates, they realize the gravity of the situation