Wilsonville contracts with sheriff

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Wilsonville has become the first municipality in Shelby County to contract for law enforcement services with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

Shelby County Sheriff Chris Curry and Wilsonville Mayor Jake Morris recently signed a contract

which allows the Sheriff’s Office to provide a deputy for the town 40 hours per week.

The contract amount of $59,045 annually will enhance law enforcement coverage of the town, according to Curry.

The amount of the contract covers the true cost of the service, according to Shelby County Manager Alex Dudchock.

Curry said the Sheriff’s Office is already patrolling Wilsonville as part of its regular service, &uot;but with this will mean there will be an officer assigned to Wilsonville.&uot;

He and Morris agreed it will provide seamless law enforcement service between the

city, the sheriff’s office and the court system. As an example, Sheriff Curry said there will be no issue as to whether an accident occurs inside or outside the city limits.

&uot;In my opinion, it opens a new better way to handle law enforcement in the area,&uot; Curry said.

Curry said the way for the contract was cleared by local legislative act allowing the Sheriff’s Office to contract for law enforcement services. He said the act allows the Sheriff’s Office to enforce municipal ordinances.

Morris said the town will take bids to renovate a sub station for the Sheriff’s Office personnel.

&uot;For Wilsonville, we’ve worked hard with the sheriff to get it this way and we think it is best for us,&uot; Morris said.&uot;The council and I appreciate the great work the local legislators did to make this possible.&uot;

Dudchock said the amount of the annual contract, $59,045 for a deputy to be assigned to Wilsonville for 40 per week, includes the equipment amortized over a four year period, including a vehicle for law enforcement.

&uot;That is the true cost of a full-time employee relative to service,&uot; said Dudchock.

&uot;The county commission and management team is excited about this new program and venture because it gives cities options to contract with our Sheriff’s Office for law enforcement service in lieu of having to spend capital associated with all the physical requirements for office space along with the appropriate manpower for supervision,&uot; he said.

Dudchock said, &uot;The rate structure we are proving the municipalities does not have a charge figured in for the sheriff and field supervisors associated with the one deputy or two. This is because under the current management structure existing

supervisors and an existing supervisor team can perform the duties with these employees. That why this is viewed as a win/win for everyone.&uot;

Dudchock said, &uot;The county, along with the sheriff’s office, will be making available correction services contracts so that cities in the future can decide if they no longer want to maintain a city jail. And also the Shelby County 911 office will be making available dispatch service contracts for municipalities to consider.&uot;

Dudchock said the Shelby County Sheriff’s office now contracts with 911 for a consolidated dispatch center.

He said, &uot;The goal

is to streamline and to economize.&uot;

Dudchock said Wilsonville is the first to sign. However, he said agreements are being worked on with Chelsea, Indian Springs Village and Westover and three other cities are considering correctional services.

&uot;We are going to treat everybody consistently and fairly.&uot;

Kelli Brasher with Shelby County 911 said Vincent and Harpersville have contracted with that agency for dispatch services