Calera trash pickup creates a stir

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 13, 2004

The Calera Public Works department began collecting trash this month using the city’s new automated loading truck and garbage bins.

The city equipped homes with new, two-wheeled garbage bins, but some residents told city officials they were confused.

During Monday’s Calera City Council meeting, several council members and the city’s utility director, David Jones, said they had received dozens of calls.

Residents wanted to know which side of the street to place the new garbage cans on, and whether the wheels should face the street or the home.

Jones mailed notices about the new garbage collection bins to all city residents.

The notices featured instructions about how to collected household trash for pick-up.

On Monday, Jones said the wheels should remain facing the home, and the bins should be placed at the curbside of the home.

Also, Jones told council members that two of the new garbage bins had been reported stolen. Police had uncovered a lead on at least one of the bins, Jones said.