Clinic opponents pipe up

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 13, 2004

On Monday morning, residents of Saginaw and opponents of Shelby County’s first methadone clinic must crowd the county courthouse to show their true feelings.

Do not allow an outside group to determine what businesses are located in your community.

In January, a state agency based in Montgomery granted a Certificate of Need to applicants for the county’s first methadone clinic.

The applicants received approval for their proposal because the public, including our elected officials, were unaware of the looming clinic.

Now, Shelby County Circuit Court Judge Dan Reeves has heeded the demands of concerned citizens in Saginaw who do not want the clinic, which treats drug addicts with the controversial drug methadone, in their backyards.

Although Reeves will make his decision about whether or not to grant a permanent injunction against the clinic without public input, he hears the public’s demands.

Make no mistake, public outcry surrounding this clinic influenced District Attorney Robbie Owens and Reeves.

Owens has called for a new public hearing process in Montgomery, one that will include Shelby County’s input