1,000+ new students expected – County’s first day of school is Thursday

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Shelby County Schools will enter the 2004-05 school year with about 1,000 more students than they had last year.

According to School Superintendent Evan Major, the school system graduated about 1,200 last year and enrolled more than 2,000 first graders for 2004-05 with growth in the elementary grades and

throughout the entire system.

&uot;We planned for it,&uot; said Major with regard to necessary teacher units. He said, &uot;In most places we have teachers are in buildings,&uot;

but some &uot;have had to be assigned trailers (mobile classroom units) where we are out of space.&uot;

He also said some teacher units have been added due to growth. &uot;It’s something we have to deal with… expansion,&uot; Major said.

When asked why Shelby County Schools continue to grow year after year, Major said, said &uot;access back to the city&uot; and &uot;Shelby County is a good place to live – a good quality of life … schools are a part of it, and we will continue to grow.&uot;

The school system will enter this school year with a projected enrollment of

23,913. Final numbers will not be known until after Labor Day.

Major said Mt. Laurel, the county’s newest school, will open with more than 425 students, and Chelsea Elementary will open with more than 700 students. He said the two schools will have a combination of 175 more students than school closed with last year.

In a related matter, at the Shelby County Board of Education’s Aug. 5, meeting the board, in the absence of member Steve Martin, voted unanimously to allow

Lathan Associates Architects begin designs for a new elementary school.

The following is a projection of enrollment for Shelby County Schools this year including a four percent increase:

Calera High, 562; Calera Elementary, 573; Chelsea High, 576; Chelsea Middle, 523; Chelsea Elementary, 1,068; Linda Nolen Learning Center, 66; Columbiana Middle, 566; Creek View Elementary, 929; Elvin Hill Elementary, 575; Helena Elementary, 640; Helena Intermediate, 593; Inverness Elementary, 682; Meadow View Elementary, 909; Montevallo High, 409; Montevallo Middle, 339; Montevallo Elementary, 695; Mt. Laurel Elementary, 600; Oak Mountain High, 1,663; Oak Mountain Middle, 1,296; Oak Mountain Intermediate, 823; Oak Mountain Elementary, 853; Pelham High, 1,145; Riverchase Middle, 1,108; Shelby County High, 590; Shelby Elementary, 259; Thompson High, 1,305; Thompson Middle, 1,279; Thompson Intermediate, 850; Valley Elementary, 655; Valley Intermediate, 850; Valley Elementary 655; Valley Intermediate, 603; Vincent High, 500; Vincent Elementary, 464; and Wilsonville Elementary 215.

Also at its Aug. 5 meeting, the board approved a fiscal year 2005 budget with $192.19 million in total revenues; $202.87 million in total expenditures;

other fund sources (uses) of $13.77 million; excess revenue and other sources over (under) expenses and other fund uses of $3.08 million; a beginning fund balance of $14.98 million and an ending fund balance of $18.07 million.

The general operational budget

includes total revenues of $149.91; total expenditures of $143.22 million; other fund sources (uses) of $2.14 million; excess revenues and other sources over (under) expenditures and other funds uses of $4.55 million; a beginning fund balance of $7.63 million and ending fund balance of $12.17 million