Columbiana council looking into problems

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Mayor Allan Lowe has asked contractors working on downtown renovation to look into complaints of sidewalks splitting, cracks in drains, driveways, mailboxes and sod in people yards sinking in the whole area of Magnolia Circle.

Dale Landefeld was the main spokesperson as residents of the area appeared before

the full Columbiana Council Tuesday night to find out what could be done about their problems.

Councilmember Tim Billingsley suggested that runoff from the nearby

golf course be looked at and that a determination needs to be made if it is a city problem.

Public Works Director Hilry King said it was hoped when a sewer line was fixed that the problem would not get worse. But he said the whole area had springs and somewhere dirt is being sucked out of the ground.

When Mayor Allan Lowe asked if the problem could be a builder defect, King replied that it could be.

&uot;It happens even on federal projects,&uot; he said.

According to King, the city accepted the right of way.

Billingsley said, &uot;We accepted the street regardless what caused it.&uot; But he said the city needs to figure it out.

King also said, &uot;It is going to be a major project.&uot;

Billingsley said, &uot;I hated they build the subdivision where they did … like lowland reclamation.&uot;

Councilmember Ouida Mayfield said the matter needed to be looked into to determine if it is the responsibility of the city, the contractor or the homeowner.

And Billingsley said, &uot;My concern is for public safety if a collapse.&uot;

Lowe said the city should ask contractors working on downtown to do some preliminary work. And

Mayfield also expressed concern over an open 36 inch pipe in the area.

While no vote was taken on the matter, the residents thanked the council for hearing their complaints.

In a municipal election matter, incumbent

Columbiana Councilmember for District 4 Tom Seale was officially certified by the

passage of a resolution as elected without opposition.

And in another municipal election related matter, the council also approved a resolution to appoint Joanna Seale as the election official for the city and rescind the appointment of City Clerk Terry Collum. Collum said the change with just a shift in work loads.

The council committed to assign a police officer to the Shelby County Drug Task Force pending the approval of a grant. In the same action, the council authorized Police Chief Michael Lann to notify the county of the decision.

In other law enforcement related matters, the council agreed to replace the lap top computer in the Police Department at a cost of the city of $1,000;

* authorized Phillip Howell to spend remaining funds ($540 possible) for the weight room in the Police Department and use the city’s credit card to make purchases; and allowed Wayne Knight to attend the Police Academy.

In other matters, the council:

* Approved a payment to R.E. Grills for work completed at the South Shelby/Columbiana Press parking area near Beverly’s in the amount of $3,100. This was not a part of the downtown contract, but had to drain and sewer work.

* Approved an expense of $5,158 for downtown lamppost Christmas decorations including

(48) 15-foot lighted balsam fir natural pole wrap with lights and replacement lights and (96) 18-inch red velour puff bows.

* Approved the letting of bids for four self-contained-breathing-apparatus (air packs) to be opened at 2 p.m. on Aug. 12.

* Approved a resolution to sell surplus property including radio equipment, pagers and vehicles.

* Approved the transfer of funds from the General Fund to Ball Park Construction in the amount of $4,253; from the General Fund to the Library Account in the amount of $829; and a transfer from the bond to the bond disbursement in the amount of $3,100.

* Approved Ronnie Conn increase in pay grade from 6-7 as Park and Recreation Superintendent.

* Approved the minutes of the July 6 and July 20 regular council meeting minutes.

Among previous council actions, the council:

* Approved R.E. Grills for curb and sidewalk work in front of the Little Red Hen on Mildred Street (not a part of the down town project) in the amount of $7,432.

* Approved a payment of $1,200 to Mallette Real Services Inc. for an appraisal on the Summer Classic property.

* Approved Seale to apply for a $2,000 grant through the Alabama Power Foundation Inc. and the Alabama Urban Forestry

Association’s 2004 Urban and Community Tree Assistance Program.

* Approved the employment of Richard Fox as a part-time investigator with the Police Department effective as of Aug. 10.

* Authorized Mayor Allan Lowe to accept the transfer of a 1997 Crown Victoria from Shelby County to the city to be used for part-time investigations.

* Approved a loan to Columbiana Girls Softball in the amount of $2,000 for a period of one year.

*Approved the official naming of Macedonia Drive.

*Approved compensation for poll workers.

*Approved transfers from the General Fund to Ball Park Construction in the amount of $748.52; from the General Fund to the Library Operating Account in the amount of $2,617.83; and from the Bond to the Bond Disbursement Account in the amount of $23,000.

*Approved payment of dues in the amount of $1,459 to the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham.

*Approved Assist Fire Chief Jerry Lamb and Grant Cole to attend Fire Investigators School.

*Approved the repair of a Fire Department bay door in the amount of $2,200.

*Approved payment of bills.

*Approved the minutes of the July 5 and July 15 council meetings.