Columbiana clerk on vacation until end of contract

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Columbiana City Clerk Terry Collum is using vacation time until her contract with the city ends Oct. 5.

According to media reports, Collum said the idea of her leave of absence was presented to her by city officials and was not wholly her decision.

Collum said she held little hope she would be re-appointed to the post and was told by members of the community that incumbent mayoral candidate Allan Lowe, who was up for re-election Tuesday night, did not want her there, reports indicate.

When questioned about Collum’s absence, Lowe said, &uot;She has some medical concerns, and we gave her leave.&uot;

He also said that to his knowledge the idea to use her vacation time until the end of her contract was Collum’s idea.

About the notion Collum would not be re-appointed, Lowe said, &uot;That decision may not be mine to make.&uot;

Lowe explained that both the mayor and council appoint a city clerk. The mayor appoints the police chief, he said.

He said he did not want to comment on the issue of Collum’s re-appointment until

he knew he would be the one to make the decision.

Lowe said Councilmember Tom Seale, who was unopposed for re-election Tuesday night, presented him with Collum’s request.

Seale said Collum indicated to him she had another opportunity.

He said after talking with her, &uot;She decided it was best to move on.&uot;

Seale said the use of the vacation time was cleared by city auditor John DeLoach. And when asked about the notion of Collum not being re-appointed, Seale said, &uot;That was her assumption.&uot;

Assistant City Clerk Gina Antolini is currently serving in the capacity of city clerk for the city. Collum did not return repeated telephone calls