Extraordinary turnout – Several post highest voter turnout ever

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Shelby County voters answered the call of patriotism last week by turning out at the polls in droves.

Residents posted some of the highest turnout numbers in the history of the county.

In Harpersville, for instance, where four were vying for the position of mayor, there was a 67 percent turnout.

According to city officials, of some 900 voters, 605 cast their ballots in the city election.

The Wilsonville election touted a similar turnout record at 63 percent. Of 1,020 registered voters, 642 cast votes in an election which ousted incumbent Mayor Jake Morris in favor of challenging councilmember Rosemary Liveoak.

Columbiana voters also rose to the occasion with a 58 percent turnout, also a record, city officials said. Of some 1,800 registered voters in Columbiana, 1,045 cast votes in the election which featured a number of hotly contested races, three of which face a run-off next week.

Municipal elections in the city of Calera also posted high turnout numbers with 1,473 voters casting ballots of the 2,681 registered voters in the city, a 55 percent turnout.

Other cities posted record highs as well.

Turnout in Helena for last week’s municipal election was 48 percent with 3,394 voters casting ballots of the 7,070 registered voters.

In Wilton, 160 voters went to the polls of a total of 379 registered voters, a 42 percent turnout.

Just more than 41 percent of Chelsea’s 2,884 registered voters turned out at the polls last week: 1,190 voted in the election.

Forty percent of the registered voters in Montevallo cast their ballots last week as well. Voting were 1,027 of 2,581 registered.

Thirty-seven percent of Alabaster’s eligible voters cast their ballots, 5,592 of 14,803.

Only 22 percent of Pelham’s registered voters turned out to cast ballots for the city’s only contested race, the race for mayor. Incumbent Mayor Bobby Hayes won the race over two challengers. Casting ballots at the Pelham Civic Center were 1,912 of some 8,900 registered voters