Municipal runoffs set for Sept. 14

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Some Shelby County voters will return to the polls Tuesday, Sept. 14 to settle several races that are still up in the air.

Ten races are still up for grabs across the county. Voting places remain the same as last week’s election. They will be opened 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

In Alabaster, voters in two wards will face off again.

Ward 2 voters must choose between Mark Harwood and Bob Hicks. In last week’s election, Harwood received 43 percent of the vote to Hicks’ 38 percent.

Ward 6 voters face a choice between John J. Sarris and incumbent Mike Sherwood. Sarris received 46 percent of the vote last week to Sherwood’s 41 percent.

Incumbents in two districts in Columbiana still face challenges, and another district will have a winner after next week as well.

District 2 voters will choose between Derrick Bryant and Danny Kelley. Kelley received 43 percent of the vote last week to Bryant’s 28 percent.

District 3 voters will choose between incumbent Tim Billingsley and challenger Brian Stevens. Billingsley received 48 percent of last week’s vote while Stevens received 28 percent.

District 5 voters choose between incumbent Ouida Mayfield and challenger Stoney Glenn. Mayfield received 44 percent of last week’s vote to Glenn’s 30 percent.

The only mayoral position still up for grabs in Shelby County is the Harpersville mayoral spot. Theoangelo Perkins and Paul Brooks will face off on Tuesday for the position. Perkins received 48 percent of last week’s vote; Brooks received 36 percent.

Four council places are still unsettled in Vincent.

Incumbent Paul Sumners and Larry King earned spots in the run-off for Place 1 on the City Council. King received 40 percent of the vote to Sumners’ 26 percent.

Earnest Kidd and Kimberly Riggins face off in the race for Place 2. Kidd received 40 percent of last week’s vote to Riggins 39 percent.

Johnny Edwards and Kathy Hassett are in the race for Place 3. Edwards and Hassett were even, receiving 30 votes each in last week’s election.

Incumbent Rex Smiley and Mary Lee Reynolds earned spots in next Tuesday’s run-off for Place 5. Smiley received 45 percent of the vote last week; Reynolds received 32 percent