Defending home is justified

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Despite its rural setting, the community of Shelby and others like it are not immune to violence. Two recent home-invasions prove as much.

Maybe the man who shot a 30-year-old escaped convict from Georgia realized that he is protector of his own domain. He was prepared when a group of four fugitives invaded his home. He shot one fugitive in the face and the three others quickly fled.

SInce the suspects were invading his home, the shooter will not face charges, and he shouldn’t.

This incident should serve as a warning to those criminals that target hardworking homeowners and citizens of Shelby County.

Elected officials in the county have a long history of protecting property rights and rights of self-defense. The homeowner in Shelby stood up for his rights when he shot the intruder.

There are agencies and processes set up to protect citizens, including police and Emergency 911 service. But sometimes those institutions are simply not enough, forcing an individual to protect themselves.

Gun control is a hot topic for the upcoming Presidential campaign. Remember on Nov. 2 that each candidate has a unique approach to gun control. It is definitely an issue to consider.

It may well have been a gun that saved the life of one Shelby County man this week