Honor veterans beyond holiday

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 16, 2004

During the recent operations in Fallujah, many American minds have been on the soldiers currently fighting overseas.

And they should be.

However, last Thursday reminded us our military veterans should never be forgotten, even when they are not currently engaged in combat.

Those who choose to make the ultimate sacrifice in giving their life for their country should not only be thanked, but given recognition at least once every year.

This year’s Veteran’s Day did just that in giving everyone an opportunity to thank those who served in wars from World War I to Korea to the present day War on Terror.

While memorials and days of recognition go a long way in remembering those veterans, now is the time we really make a statement in remembering those who have fought by revamping the benefits for veterans.

Veteran health care is reaching an all-time low and President Bush must keep his word and make veterans a priority in the next four years.

After all, they’ve earned it