Methadone clinic appeal filed

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Owners of a proposed methadone clinic in Saginaw filed an appeal of a court ruling that effectively barred the clinic from operating.

Susan Staats-Sidwell and Glenn Archibald, owners of the proposed Shelby County Treatment Center, filed an appeal Nov. 19 with the Court of Civil Appeals in Montgomery.

Shelby County Circuit Judge Dan Reeves upheld an injunction against the clinic in October, when he ruled that Sidwell and her partners denied Saginaw residents due process.

Reeves found that Sidwell and her partners skirted the public by not revealing the proposed location of the clinic until it was too late for public comment.

With the appeal, Sidwell hopes to lift the injunction against the clinic.

Sidwell has maintained that she and fellow applicants followed the rules and procedures regarding the opening of methadone clinics.

In court proceedings, Shelby County District Attorney Robby Owens and lawyer Mickey Johnson represented residents of Saginaw opposed to the clinic. Owens and Johnson claimed that Sidwell misled the county by originally filing an application for a methadone clinic in Calera.

Sidwell said in court that she was unable to find a suitable location in Calera and filed an

amended application for the clinic on U.S. Highway 31 in Saginaw.