Rabies checks unfortunate

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The threat of rabies in Shelby County has led to a drastic and invasive measure that residents could have avoided by taking responsibility for their dogs and cats.

Unfortunately, many pet owners in Shelby County fail to see the importance of vaccinating their dogs and cats against the rabies virus, a disease that can kill people. Not only is it important to vaccinate pets against rabies, it’s the law.

That’s why inspectors will begin knocking on doors in January to verify that dogs and cats are vaccinated. If they aren’t, or if you don’t have a certificate to prove it, you could face a fine or court proceedings.

Although it seems extreme and silly to think of an officer going door to door to check on rabies vaccinations for household pets, the threat of rabies is not silly and neither is the lack of cooperation among Shelby County residents.

For those of you who react unfavorably when the rabies inspector comes knocking, just remember that you are required by law to vaccinate and to provide proof of that vaccination