School tax revenues beat projections

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The fiscal year ended Nov. 30 and

reflected increases in tax revenues

well above projections.

Outgoing Assistant Superintendent of Finance Jim Kirkland presented the information at the board’s regular December meeting last Thursday night.

According to the numbers for the year, ad valorem taxes were budgeted to increase 15.29 percent but actually increased 46.24 percent.

Sales taxes were projected to increase 6.07 percent but increased 9.68 percent. And alcohol beverage taxes were projected to increase .65 percent, but increased 11.69 percent.

Following Kirkland’s management report, the board approved total expenditures for November at some $18.44 million.

In another matter, the school board approved the high school course of study and valedictorian/salutatorian requirements.

At the board’s Nov. 30 meeting, Shelby County High School Coordinator Larry Headrick presented a recommendation that valedictorians be selected only from those in the advanced academic diploma track.

Now approved, these requirements will go into effect with the 2005-06 freshman class, according to Headrick.

He said the newly approved rules will not affect students in class now.

With regard to the salutatorian/valedictorian requirements, Headrick said a student with a grade point average above 3.99, but in a regular diploma track, cannot qualify for anything other than salutatorian.

To be valedictorian, a student must have a 4.0 grade point average on the advanced diploma track.

A school board member and several teachers received recognition during last Thursday’s Shelby County Board of Education meeting.

Shelby County Superintendent of Education Evan Major recognized Board member Steve Martin as an Alabama Association of School Boards All-State School Member.

Major also recognized school division Teacher-of-the-Year winners Cissi Bernhard of Valley Elementary School, Mary Catherine Schroeder of Thompson Middle School and Suzanne Culbreth of Oak Mountain High School.

Both Major and Elementary School Coordinator Rickey Darby recognized new National Board Certified teachers including Sandra Yancy, Denise Williams, Christian Warrick, Julianna Robinson, Ramona Martin, Susan Jackson, Suzanne Culbreth, Holley Costello, Cissi Bernhard and Shannon Acker.

In other matters, Major announced Helena Elementary was the attendance winner for month three with 97.4 percent.

Major and the U.S. Marine Corps recognized Oak Mountain Middle School for setting the national record for Toys for Tots in the amount of $24,846.

The board also approved out of state field trips, personnel matters, bids for long distance service to Inline, bids for miscellaneous technologies for digital projectors to Daniel Communications Inc., bids for wireless telecommunication services to Southern Link, bids for Internet access services to Inline, bids for an Internet filtering device to Alabama Supercomputer Authority, bids for fire extinguishers and services to Safety First Fire Equipment, bids to relocate potable classrooms to Alabama Mobile Home Transporters, a bid to Hardy Services for alterations to Inverness Elementary, a small construction contract bid for a drainage pipe at Elvin Hill Elementary, a change order to relocate and increase the size of a dumpster pad at Oak Mountain High School and a construction contract for aluminum bleachers for Oak Mountain High School