Let’s answer the call to help

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 4, 2005

With almost 140,000 dead, the tsunamis which struck south Asia rank among the worst disasters faced in modern times.

After more than a week of clean-up, bodies remain buried under piles of rubble; water is contaminated; and disease is just beginning its rampage.

Americans have already begun to answer the call to aid in the humanitarian effort and on Monday, President George W. Bush encouraged more and more to contribute to that effort.

As we sit in our very safe and very blessed homes every night and watch the horrific scenes of the disaster unfold on TV, we can not help but be struck by our blessings.

So many have lost their lives, their families, their livelihood and their homes.

The United States has pledged a significant amount of money to the humanitarian effort already.

It’s up to us to prove that the U.S. is still the country with the biggest heart.

We urge you to contribute to this cause by whatever means you have available to you.

The American Red Cross needs the aid.

Let’s answer the call