Columbiana adds 21 to pay scale plan

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Effective as of last Saturday, 21 employees of the city of Columbiana who were not previously included in the city’s grade and step pay scale will see their salaries adjusted to be included in that pay plan.

The council unanimously approved the adjustments, which total about $6,000 annually, at its regular Feb. 15 meeting.

Councilmember Tim Billingley was absent from the meeting due to illness.

In other personnel related matters, the council approved an increase in pay for Officer David Morrow from Pay Grade X, Step 4 to Pay Grade X, Step 6 due to the two-year employment step raise presented to him on his employment date.

The council also declared the position of part-time dispatcher at pay Grade V, Step 1 open to fill a vacancy.

In another matter, the council approved the purchase of the city’s third set of 15 banners to be mounted on downtown street lamps for various occasions.

Previously, the council had approved the purchase of 15 banners each of designs which include the Old Courthouse and name Columbiana in smaller letters and one featuring just the name Columbiana.

The latest set of banners will feature a fireworks design and the name Columbiana for occasions such as Liberty Day.

The latest banner purchase totaled $1,100.

In other matters, the council:

* Approved the reimbursement of $51,852 to the county for playground equipment at city park.

* Approved a payment to Gresham Smith & Partners in the amount of $8,119.03 for professional services

for the period ending Jan. 25 for Walton Street and Water Works

Street Improvements.

* The council approved $4,008 in transfer funds from the bond to bond disbursement for payment to Gresham Smith & Partners for the Main Street renovation