Alabaster names its new council member

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Over the objections of Councilmember Jerry Workman, the Alabaster City Council has appointed a new councilmember for Ward 3 to replace Adam Moseley and voted to amend its police reserve ordinance.

With Workman casting the lone &uot;no&uot; vote on Monday, the council approved Angela Moseley, wife of former Councilman Adam Moseley, to replace him in the Ward 3 council spot.

Adam Moseley, who served on the council for four-and-a-half years, having been elected twice, said he was leaving to pursue a business opportunity that would not allow him to complete his term.

Councilmember Tommy Ryals pointed out that Moseley left in the middle of projects he was working on for the city.

And while Ryals said there were many qualified candidates to fill the Ward 3 spot, he said he felt the city needed a qualified candidate who could step right in on what Moseley was working on.

He nominated Angela Moseley, Adam’s wife to fill the post. And when no other nominations were made, Angela Moseley was appointed with Workman voting &uot;no&uot; and all other councilmembers voting in favor.

Following the meeting, Workman said he was in support of Angela Moseley as far as her qualifications were concerned.

But he said, &uot;I was opposed to the process. We didn’t seek input from the residents of the ward.&uot;

Moseley expressed her excitement at the opportunity to serve.

&uot;I’m very excited to have this opportunity.&uot; She said he wanted to &uot;be able to continue the projects Adam started&uot; but to also put forward a &uot;perspective of my own.&uot;

In other business, the council voted to amend its police reserve ordinance, which gives citizens a chance to see if they’d like a career in law enforcement.

The action, approved over the lone &uot;no&uot; vote of Workman, abolished ordinances 52 and 176 and abolished and replaced code sections 62-31 through sections 62-37 of the City of Alabaster Code.

Included in the action, the police reserve force was established within the Police Department of the city.

The reserve force will include residents of Shelby County in good physical condition, good character and not less than 19 with appointments to the reserve force made by the chief of police for two-year terms … &uot;except that any member of the reserve force may be discharged without cause, and without hearing by the chief of police. In addition, such members shall meet all requirements for certification of law enforcement officers provided by state law.&uot;

Also included in the action, APOSTC certified reserve officers on active duty &uot;shall have the right to carry a concealed gun, to make arrests and otherwise perform the duties of a regular police officer.&uot;

Non-APOSTC certified reserves &uot;are to be considered reserve officers in training.&uot;

They &uot;may be authorized by the chief of police to carry firearms on duty, and assist certified officers in making arrests.&uot;

Members of the reserve force will work strictly on a voluntary basis. There is no pay involved, according to the ordinance.

In voting &uot;no,&uot; Workman said he preferred non-APOSTC certified officers not be part of the program.

He later explained that he did not think it was good idea to put a 19-year-old in a situation when not trained in the use of appropriate or deadly force.

Mayor David Frings appointed Jimmy Gould, retired city manager, to fill a Planning and Zoning Board vacancy for the city.

And Councilman Workman nominated Jenny Callan to an appointment on the Library Board, which was approved with Moseley abstaining.

Prior to Moseley’s appointment to the board, the council unanimously approved an $8,000 amendment to the fire department’s electronic database budget for software to network computers at three fire stations.

Also before the appointment of Moseley, the council unanimously approved the lease of a building at 10052 Highway 119 at a cost of $3,000 per month and up to $30,000 for renovations at the request of Mayor Frings.

Frings said among departments making use of the space will be inspections, revenue, code, animal enforcement and personnel. He said the move would open current space for the police department and the municipal court.

The lease will be for two years with an option to renew