Vincent officials seek to enhance their community

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Special to the Reporter

As growth continues to occur in Shelby County, the town of Vincent is making progress.

With a new mayor in Terry Allen and a new town council, new committees have been formed and many projects have been completed.

Mayor Allen’s goal is to preserve while enhancing Vincent’s greatest asset –

family and community unity.

* Vincent has two new full-time police officers, doubling previous manpower.

* David Latimer with his four-legged partner Ginger heads the K-9 unit.

* Lee Carden is a dedicated officer with years of experience and totally committed to maintaining and improving the family/good neighbor image of Vincent.

* Vincent has a new Driver Safety Training School which allows first time offenders of minor traffic violations to attend class in lieu of a traffic ticket. All Vincent officers are qualified to teach the class held once monthly.

* Vincent has around-the-clock police protection.

* Vincent Elementary and the Middle/High School are patrolled in the mornings and afternoon, making it safer for young people arriving and leaving campus and facilitating buses entering and leaving the grounds.

* Officers are visible at closing times of Vincent businesses, ensuring a measure of security for night employees.

* An additional patrol car has been added to the police department.

* One employee has been added to the staff of the street department.

Projects for 2005 include:

* A new roof for the clinic.

* Leveling, resurfacing and re-striping the parking lot at the municipal park providing additional parking spaces.

* Paving of three streets with plans to pave more as funds become available.

* Vincent In The Park is set for Sept. 24. This will be a daylong event focusing on family fund and community unity. There will also be traditional arts and crafts, a car show, demonstrations, music, food and entertainment.

* The annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony and Christmas parade