Schiavo shows need to prepare

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 29, 2005

If the case of Terry Schiavo has proven anything, it’s that planning for the future is essential.

At presstime, Schiavo was still alive but had been without food or water for 11 days.

Schiavo’s husband, Michael, claims he knows her wishes.

Her parents and other family members, on the other hand, claim they know her wishes.

And therein lies the controversy.

This week’s edition of the Reporter includes a story outlining the options for planning for the future including living wills and powers of attorney.

The Schiavo case has taught us that we must prepare for even the most horrific eventuality.

Numerous resources are available for Shelby County residents in planning for events.

Whatever your beliefs are about the Schiavo case, we urge you to put your family members first and make preparations for the future