School board members brings show business to Shelby County

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Anne Glass is a new face on the Shelby County Board of Education, but she brings a fresh perspective to the board in more ways than one.

In addition to being the mother of a child who attends Oak Mountain Middle School and being a newly elected board member, Glass grew up in Arizona, having been raised by a show business family.

She has also enjoyed a career in stage and screen having performed in local Birmingham theater productions and what are called industrial films.

Industrial films are training films, explains, Glass. She said she’s showed lots of people how to file and operate copy machines through her film work.

Her mother, Anne Cerami Malatia, known as Toni Rami, was a singer on the George Goble Show starring &uot;Lonesome George Goble.&uot;

Recently Glass experienced the passing of her show business father, August Malatia known on stage as Bob G. Anthony. He starred as a standup comic in clubs and appeared in commercials, movies and television series.

According to Glass, Malatia brought laughter to audiences as a standup comic for some 50 years from 1946 when he opened his own club, the Blue Dahlia, in Chicago.

He performed in other clubs, as well, including the Playboy Clubs and on television shows.

Malatia (Anthony) toured with likes of Nat King Cole, who Glass remembers sitting in her house when she was a child. Others he worked with included Tony Bennett, Connie Francis and Helen O’Connell.

In addition, Glass remembered her father working with Jimmy Durante, Michael Landon and Joe Bologna.

Malatia also did several USO tours during the Vietnam War.

Glass recalled that her father had a scene in the movie &uot;A Star is Born&uot; and despite his scene being cut, her family continued to receive royalties. One royalty payment was for a total of 35 cents, she said.

Other movie rolls for Malatia (Anthony) included &uot;Mixed Company,&uot; &uot;Campus Man&uot; and &uot;Not Quite Human.&uot;

His TV roles included &uot;The New Dick Van Dyke Show,&uot; &uot;Wonderful World of Disney&uot; and his regular appearance on the program, &uot;Father Murphy,&uot; starring Merlin Olsen. Malatia played lovable storekeeper, Wendell Griffin.

Glass said her father died Feb. 2 and was buried at the National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona.

He was a decorated World War II Army veteran who served in the Pacific Theater and had received the Bronze Star.

Glass recalled that while the family was on a trip to California for show business work, her brother, Torey Malatia, who suffered asthma began to feel better in Arizona.

She said as a result, her father sold his club in Chicago and the family moved to Phoenix.

She said Dahlia, for which his club was named, was a flower her mother liked. And her father named the club for the favorite flower of his &uot;beautiful bride.&uot;

Glass’ mother, Toni Rami, had been a star in her own right having appeared as a female singer on the &uot;George Goble Show&uot; and the &uot;Red Skelton Show.&uot;

Glass said her father’s greatest sadness was missing being with her on her birthdays.

She said he was an emotional Italian man who had a great sense of humor. She also explained that she and her father were close.

In fact, she said with a smile, he used to tell his wife that he would be late for his own funeral. And his hearse was actually late in February. She said she thought that was his way to make her smile because he always told her, &uot;No one deserves your tears.&uot;

Glass went into the family business as well. She became an actress with the same agent as her father in Los Angeles, Calif.

In addition to work in industrial films, Glass later served as executive director for the Greater Birmingham Humane Society and for the Birmingham Summerfest Musical Theater in Birmingham in 2002.

According to information provided by Cindy Warner, public relations supervisor for Shelby County School, Glass worked as a tax professional with H&R Block and was film office location coordinator for the Alabama Development Office.

Glass earned her associate degree in theater arts from Phoenix College in Arizona, where she graduated with highest honors. She also attended Arizona State University.

Her honors include being chapter president of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society; a member of &uot;The Who’s Who of American Executives&uot; in 1998, and The Who’s Who of American Business Executives in 2000. She was also named Outstanding Young Woman of America in 1985.

Glass is married to attorney Paul Glass Jr. They have one son, William, who attends Oak Mountain Middle School.

She said she became interested in serving on the Shelby County Board of Education because she &uot;had a child&uot; and was &uot;interested in the quality of education for our children.&uot;

&uot;I admire teachers and think they have an awesome responsibility,&uot; she said.

&uot;Giving them the tools they need to do their best&uot; is one of the reasons she ran for the school board, she said.

Glass said she was glad her father lived to see her serve on the school board. Her parents, she said, &uot;passed it to me that you should do what you love to do.