Dirt-track racing resumes at Shelby County Speedway

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 5, 2005

A large crowd of drivers and fans filled the grounds of Shelby County Speedway Saturday night. Racing fever seemed to outweigh the chilly weather.

Winners of the Prettiest Racecar Contest were Sandy Dawson (No. 88) in the Thunder and Lightning division, J.R. Brown (No. 46) in the Hobby Division, Eddie Pickett (No. 44) in the Modified Pony division, Bobby Kendrick (No. 7) in the Pure Pony division, Brandon Sledge (No. 45) in the Pure Stock division and David Davis (No. 00) in the Hogg division.

The Thunder and Lightning division started the feature races with Mike Underwood (No. 90) in first place. After battling for several laps, Sandy Dawson (No. 88) stole the lead from Underwood. Dawson and Underwood clearly had the fastest cars on the track. They dominated the entire race and eventually lapped cars in the back of the line. Dawson finished the race in first place, but due to post-race inspection problems, he was disqualified, leaving Underwood with the points and pay for first place.

Andy Gulledge (No. 9) finished second, Wade Carlee (No. 48) finished third and Paul Gulledge (No. 66) finished fourth.

In the Hobby division, Leslie Bean (No. 76) would start the race in first place but couldn’t keep his position long after the green flag dropped.

Sandy Dawson (No. 88) quickly moved into the lead position. Bean managed to keep his second place position until the end of the race when Bob Sapp (No. 18) slipped in front of him. Dawson maintained his first place position throughout the race. Sapp finished behind Dawson in second with Bean following in third, Toney Revis (No. 07) in fourth and Mark Smith (No. 02) in fifth.

The Pure Stock division followed next with Josh Bean (No. 5) starting in first place. It didn’t take long for Larry Hatchett (No. 01) to come from the back of the pack to second place. Midway through the race, Bean lost a wheel coming out of turns one and two and took a hard hit in the rear from Hatchett.

Johnny Carroll (No. 4) seemed to be working his way to a first place finish but left the field with car problems.

Brandon Sledge (No. 45), Mark Price (No. 3) and Jimmy Hatchett (No. 11) finished in the top three positions.

Chris George (No. 19) led the Pure Pony division throughout the entire race. Frank Johnson (No. 70) and Bobby Kendrick (No. 7) followed behind, until Steven Foster (No. 1) passed both drivers for second place.

Kurtis Busby (No. 15) started the race in fifth and managed to keep his position for the finish.

George, Foster, Johnson, Kendrick and Busby completed the top five.

The Modified Pony division got off to a rough start. Jerry Lopez (No. 28) started in first place, but a caution came out before the first lap was even completed.

Mike Romenger (No. 22) had spun out between Dan Cox (No. 75) and Dale McGill (No. 91). Romenger suffered minor damages to his car but continued on with the race.

Lopez went on to win the race, with Eddie Pickett (No. 44) following in second, Dale McGill (No. 91) in third, Josh Cost (No. 20) in fourth and Romenger in fifth.

The Hogg division wrapped up the events for the night with David Davis (No. 00) starting first and Keith Martin (No. 71) in second. The two drivers maintained their positions for the entire race.

Racing continues at Shelby County Speedway next Saturday, April 9. For track information, call 669-6509 or visit www.shelbycountyspeedway.net