Black eye could have been avoided

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Apparently, some parents just can’t be trusted.

That’s right – parents, not children.

This is the lesson we learn after hearing about the parent who bought alcohol for his son and nine of his fellow baseball players on a school-sponsored trip to Florida.

Now, these 10 Pelham High School teenagers will forego the rest of the baseball season, for some, their final baseball season in high school, because of the irresponsibility of one of their parents.

The boys have received their punishment and hopefully, will learn a valuable lesson about consequences of irresponsible and inexcusable behavior. The adult who furnished the vodka should be punished as well.

We join with many others in requesting officials including baseball coach Mike O’Berry and Pelham High principal Bob Lovett do all within their power to make sure this parent is appropriately punished and incidents like this do not occur again.

We also call upon the two of them and other school officials to be more careful on school trips to make sure students are supervised. This second black eye for Pelham in a year could have been prevented with some simple supervision