Shelby County should be proud

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Shelby County should be proud – once again.

Residents in two of our communities came together last week to raise funds for cancer research.

Everyone has been touched, in some way, by cancer. It could be a family member. It could be a friend.

And isn’t it great to know that research being done daily throughout the United States is bringing us closer and closer to a cure for this terrible disease.

The funds raised by caring individuals in Columbiana and Calera last Friday night at their respective Relays for Life will help bring researchers that much closer.

Always, it seems, Shelby Countians rise to the occasion when help is needed.

As one of the most affluent counties in this state, that is our responsibility. But it is also our privilege.

Keep up the good work, Shelby County