State auditor, local resident to release second book

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Alabama’s State Auditor and North Shelby resident Beth Chapman has announced the release of her second book.

The book, &uot;She Was My Sister … Vestal Goodman,&uot; features Alabama’s own gospel singing phenomenon Vestal Goodman through the eyes of her sister, Bobbie Harris of Fyffe, Ala.

Chapman said she had been an admirer and fan of Goodman’s for years and had even met her on several occasions.

However, it was Harris, to whom Chapman grew closest.

It was through this friendship, she said, that she &uot;absorbed every word spoken about Vestal Goodman following her death in December of 2004.&uot;

Chapman said she then created stories and gave Biblical references to fit.

&uot;I didn’t start out writing a book about Vestal, but I learned so many interesting, personal and deeply spiritual things about her that I wanted to share them with her fans,&uot; Chapman said.

&uot;Writing is what I do in my spare time for fun – the book just happened.&uot;

Goodman died in December 2004 and Chapman was asked to speak at her Celebration of Life service in Nashville, Tenn.

There she met celebrities like Bill Gaither, Vince Gill and others who shared stories about Goodman’s influence on their lives.

Chapman’s hope is that the book will honor Goodman, bring comfort and happiness to Harris (who she refers to as Aunt Bobbie) and preserve memories for Goodman’s family and friends.

&uot;Aunt Bobbie and I would be casually talking and she would mention something Vestal used to say and I would think of a Bible verse and analogy that applied and then create a story,&uot; Chapman said. &uot;We’re close enough that I thought I knew how she felt and thought. She has read the manuscript and is very pleased with it, so I guess I did.&uot;

Chapman, who took office as state auditor in January 2004, released her first book, &uot;The Power of Patriotism – The Speech Heard Around the World,&uot; the following April about a speech she had given in Pelham.

Chapman plans to release this second book next week, just in time for Mother’s Day; however, it can be pre-ordered for $12 with free shipping if ordered before April 30. After that date, total price will be $15. For information, email