Mistaken identity – Bo’s ‘namesake’ garners unexpected publicity

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 17, 2005

He may be one of the most famous real estate brokers in America now.

Coincidentally, he never asked for the publicity. But a website and a TV show has garnered him more attention than he might have imagined.

America, meet Bob Ice.

He’s not Helena rocker Bo Bice, but thousands of Bo fans have viewed Ice’s professional website while typing www.bobice.com.

Ice, who actually resides near Portland, Ore., has a great attitude about his &uot;namesake.&uot;

&uot;Some of my clients have laughingly pointed out that I’m still more famous than Bo,&uot; he quips. &uot;(They) offer the following as proof: If you type Bo Bice into Google, the most popular search engine on the Internet … it returns the question ‘Did you mean Bob Ice?’&uot;

Not surprisingly, Ice has heard more than his share of jokes and comments from friends, co-workers and other business associates.

&uot;My coworkers sometimes now refer to me as Bo, so perhaps he and I should reach an agreement to trade names with each other,&uot; Ice quips. &uot;It is all great fun at the moment, but after years in real estate as Bob Ice, I would have to make some adjustments.&uot;

At first, Ice found it odd so many people wanted to purchase his domain name, since he wasn’t familiar with American Idol or Bo Bice.

&uot;I had never heard of Bo Bice and didn’t watch American Idol, so it took me awhile to understand the reason for this interest and traffic,&uot; Ice said.

While Ice still operates www.bobice.com, he did say, &uot;I am considering a sale.&uot;

It’s safe to say Bice has at least one fan in the Northwest.

&uot;In watching interviews and his music, I like what I have seen of Bo and the image he projects … in any case, Bo is a winner, and I wish him the very best in his career.