Corbett bids farewell to VES

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Tricia Corbett has spent her entire 26-year career in education at Vincent Elementary School. But to the sadness of many of the students there, she has accepted a position with the state Department of Education to become a principal coach for the Alabama Reading Initiative.

Corbett was first hired as a physical education teacher at VES in 1979. She held that post for 11 years.

In 1990, she became the school’s counselor. But five years later moved into her first administrative position when she was named the school’s assistant principal.

She was appointed to the principal’s post in 1997 and has served in that capacity for eight and one half years.

In her new position, Corbett explained, she’ll be going into schools just beginning the Alabama Reading Initiative and help their principals implement the reading initiative strategy.

As to her thoughts on where she has been and the change she is about to make in her career, Corbett said, &uot;I’ve stayed here this long (at VES) because I thought that this is where God has wanted me all these years. I’ve come to love the people here. It’s like a second home to me.

&uot;I think a lot of people in the state don’t know what a treasure this little school is.&uot;

Corbett said the people at VES have always been very supportive of her and anything she asked them to do. &uot;They love and want for their children just like everyone else,&uot; she said. &uot;So, it has been a rich and rewarding career.&uot;

But upon moving along to go to work for the state Department of Education, Corbett said, &uot;It was too clear that that’s what God wanted me to do. The way the door opened and the way it all happened.&uot;

She said, &uot;I’ve been restless for a few years.&uot; And she said, &uot;When you get restless, you need to look at your options.&uot;

Corbett said being a principal could be a really stressful job.

And she said, &uot;A wise man told me you should not leave a situation for victory, but in victory.&uot;

She said, &uot;I feel like at this point, I can do that.&uot;

She counted among victories the saving of the Vincent year-round calendar from an attempt to end it, improved test scores from her students and just having &uot;a great year.&uot;

Ian Rettig, age 8, said of Corbett, &uot;She’s nice and she’s a good principal.&uot; And he agreed that he would miss her.

Alex Rettig, age 5, said, &uot;She’s fun. I’m sad (about her leaving).&uot;

Shelby Clinkscales, age 4, also agreed that Corbett is &uot;nice.&uot;

A 10-year-old student said he was sad about Corbett’s leaving and called her a &uot;great principal.&uot; He said he enjoyed having her as his principal.

However, Corbett won’t be going into her new job without first taking a break.

She said she wouldn’t start her new job until after a safari to Kenya, Africa