4-year-old calls 911, saves mom

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 7, 2005

A 4-year-old Shelby County girl became a local hero last week after picking up the phone and calling 911 when her mother suddenly collapsed.

Dayli Wood didn’t panic when her mother, Christy Isbell, fell into unconsciousness last Wednesday.

Instead, the little girl calmly picked up the phone, called the emergency phone line and directed paramedics to her house.

&uot;I knew what to do,&uot; little Dayli said. &uot;I called 911 and got them to come help.&uot;

Shelby County E-911 dispatcher Brandy Stoudenmire took the call from Wood at 12:04 p.m. and noticed right away how well spoken and calm the little girl was.

&uot;She was very composed,&uot; Stoudenmire said. &uot;I was really impressed with her.&uot;

Stoudenmire had to ask Wood a number of complex questions and she said the 4-year-old responded with ease.

&uot;She was able to tell me what was going on, she was able to check her mother to see if she was breathing and she verified her address for me,&uot; Stoudenmire said.

&uot;I had to phrase the questions so they fit a 4-year-old, but she was able to answer everything I needed.&uot;

The home where Wood was located was unmarked so Stoudenmire had to ask her what color it was.

&uot;She had to go outside to check what color the house was, but she was able to help me help her.&uot;

Stoudenmire noted that young children have called in before, but never has the child been so co-operative.

&uot;Most of the time when we get a call from a young child they are very upset, but she was so composed,&uot; she said.

&uot;I wasn’t scared,&uot; Wood said.

Isbell said that the family was unaware of the medical condition that caused her to collapse but she is now making a full recovery.

Wood said it was her mother’s influence that helped her to remember to dial 911.

&uot;Mommy taught me how to dial 911,&uot; Wood said.

Shelby County 911 Director John Ellison said the case showed how important it his for residents to have their homes clearly marked.

&uot;This is a good example of the reason why people should have their mailbox marked,&uot; Ellison said.

&uot;That way the emergency response team can easily find a house in case your 4-year-old has to call in.&uot;

Wood said even more important to her than being called a hero is that her mother was alright.

&uot;I’m happy mommy was OK,&uot; she said