Montevallo discusses smoking, skate park

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Discussion of a skate park and restriction on smoking in city parks were among items discussed during Monday night’s Montevallo City Council meeting.

The council also amended its zoning ordinance to correct the description of Development Districts Performance Subdivisions and set a public hearing for the first meeting in July on a zoning ordinance amendment revising side yard requirements in Development Districts.

While no action was taken, the council discussed restricting smoking to certain areas in city parks.

Councilmember Dana Byrd said the idea stems from the fact that smoking is not allowed at school functions in the parks.

Mayor Sharon Anderson said she would ask the city attorney to write an ordinance for the council to consider.

The council also discussed construction of a skate park. Councilmember Hollie Cost said a survey revealed about 30 skateboarders in the city and about 150 children who skate regularly.

She pointed out that grants are available through Tony Hawk.

However, she pointed out that skaters have to raise funds first. And the city could fund the remainder.

She said the estimated start-up cost of the project is $35,000.

Cost said there is no additional liability on the city as long as the park is maintained.

The council discussed the issue of skaters on sidewalks downtown and at churches as possible reasons for the park.

Anderson said the council would discuss the matter again at its next meeting. And Cost said the grant application deadline is Aug. 15.

In other business, the council approved a District 2 Development District Performance Subdivision description including &uot;The purpose of this district is to accommodate residential development supported by optional commercial uses serving primarily local (subdivision) residents.

&uot;Such commercial uses shall be limited in range, scale and location and shall be subject to design standards intended to promote neighborhood shopping centers or sites that are consistent with the character and appearance of surrounding areas.&uot;

There were no changes in uses.

The council agreed to ask for two additional emergency sirens.

The council reported that its has applied for a CAWACO (Cahaba Warrior and Coosa River) Challenge Grant in which the city would provide $2,928 in kind for a $6,279 total project for the entrance and curbside to city shop plus buffer and landscaping.

And the council reported that bids would be open June 21 at 3 p.m. for playground equipment for the park at the middle school (George Dailey Park).

The project is expected to cost $47,502 with a grant from Shelby County in the amount of $11,875. The city has budgeted $30,000 for the playground equipment.

The council will hold a public hearing the first meeting in July on side yard requirements for Performance Sub-Divisions including:

Minimum at front setback line, 60-foot front lot width at setback line; side yard, one side-7 feet, total 16 feet; maximum structure width 44 feet.

Minimum at front setback line, 70-foot front lot width at setback line; side yard, one side- 8 feet, total 18 feet; maximum structure width 52 feet.

Minimum at front setback line, 80-foot front lot width at setback line; side yard, one side-9 feet, total 20 feet; 60 foot maximum structure width.

Minimum at front setback line, 90-foot front lot width at setback line; side yard, one side-10 feet, total-22 feet; maximum structure width 68 feet.

Minimum at front setback line, 100-foot front lot width at setback line; side yard, one side-11 feet, total-24 feet; maximum structure width 76-feet.

In other matters, the council:

n Approved an ABC beer and wine off premises license for CVS.

n Approved a Federal Equitable Sharing Agreement in which Montevallo receives a percentage of drug task force seized assets.

n Carried over a proposed safety manual for the city until the next meeting.

n Carried over a resolution opposing a new lime quarry off County Road 12 until the next meeting.

n Received a report that Motley Avenue paving is complete.

n Expressed hope to accomplish removing personnel policies from city code by the next meeting.

n Approved the appointment of B.

Miller to Park and Recreation Board No. 2 to replace Robert Lightfoot