Dubious success for session

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Yes, the special session of the Alabama Legislature appeared to be a successful one.

Lasting its allowable five days, the governor and other legislators came out smiling for the most part.

And, that’s great.

However, let’s examine what put our state Legislature into special session mode to begin with. It was the ineptitude and irresponsibility of those same smiling legislators that forced the extra session.

Completing the regular session earlier this year without the passage of a general fund budget for our state was inexcusable.

Filibustering over petty issues must not be allowed.

And, yes, the session did not cost as much as had been expected. But it did cost. And to a seemingly cash-strapped state like ours, any cost is too much cost.

The special session was successful, certainly.

But success at what cost, we wonder?