Be careful on roads

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 17, 2005

School started last week for most Shelby County students – about 24,500 in the public schools alone.

That doesn’t count the many students who went back to school at private schools around the county.

Nor does it count the many, many students who started in the Hoover system at Spain Park.

With school back in session, rush hour will once again be teeming with children on the sides of roads awaiting transportation to school.

Every year, there are horror stories of accidents involving students either driving to or from school or on the side of the road.

These accidents can happen at any time – anywhere in Alabama.

We can stop them, however.

By driving safely and encouraging others to do so as well, we can save lives and help our children avoid danger.

Be careful when you’re out there on the roadways.

There are lives at stake – young lives