Board resolves to improve

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A resolution to improve student achievement in reading, a salary adjustment to reflect the 6 percent payraise approved by the state for school board employees and an increase in the mileage fee charged per student for field trips were highlights of last Thursday’s Shelby County Board of Education meeting.

The board also approved the distribution of state at-risk grant funds.

According to a resolution unanimously approved by the school board, a significant number of students did not meet adequate yearly progress in reading as measured and reported by the state Department of Education for the 2004-05 academic year.

The board resolved to &uot;provide the resources for all schools to meet and exceed the standards and goals set by the state Department of Education.&uot;

It also resolved to &uot;improve student achievement in reading for every student in every grade within the Shelby County School System from the 2004-2005 assessment results to the 2005-2006 assessment results.&uot;

In other business, the board approved a salary schedule for employees reflecting the 6 percent payraise mandated by the state and an adjustment to custodian salaries to reflect full years of experience with Shelby County.

Both actions become effective Oct. 1, the start of the new fiscal year.

Citing the roller-coaster rises and falls in gas and diesel prices, Superintendent Evan Major recommended an increase in field trip expense per mile from $1 to $1.50.

This reflects a 100 percent increase in field trip mileage charges since the board raised the amount from 75 cents to $1 in July.

Major said there could come a time when the field trips would have to be scrapped, but he hoped not.

&uot;At this point, we’re not sure we will not have field trips, but we are monitoring on a daily basis,&uot; he said.

Board member Steve Martin suggested that a fluctuating charge could be considered to reflect the rises and dips in fuel costs.

Major said the increase, effective Oct. 1, also applies to athletic trips.

The board also approved the distribution of state at-risk grant funds totaling $103,067.

The money will be distributed as follows: Camp Fire USA Links-Up Mentoring, Bridge Milton, $10,000; Camp Fire USA Outside-In Character Development, Barbara Spink, $2,035; DAY Program, Mike Blackwell, $20,532; Better Basics, Susan Seay, $23,500; Family Connections Inc., Susan Johnston, $15,000; Owens House, Helen Rardin, $22,000;

Kids First Awareness, Cindy Hawkins, $8,000; and Encouragement Learning Center, Lelia Mitchell, $2,000.

The board also approved a job description and salary schedule for a budget analyst