Recall comments at election

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 5, 2005

People like Hank Erwin make true Republicans cringe. In fact, his recent remarks should make all Christians, Democrat or Republican, cringe.

His recent comments about the wrath of God being brought upon the people of Louisiana and Mississippi for sins which he claims are much worse than sins anywhere else are cause enough for one to lose his or her lunch.

As has been stated many times on talk radio shows since his remarks, if God were going to destroy a place for gambling, why have Las Vegas and Reno remained unscathed?

Did God punish all of those poor souls who lost their lives in the recent Tsunami that wrecked a large part of Asia? Those who believe in

the grace of Jesus Christ believe the days of Old Testament wrath are over and that God will judge us all on the Judgment Day.

In addition, God said he would never destroy the world by flood again. So why would he just destroy a little of it by flood as punishment for sin?

Regardless of political party, disasters affects us all. We all have friends or relatives who suffer.

There is nothing wrong with professing faith in God to show that a politician is a godly man or woman in that they strive to do the right thing.

But when a politician goes off the deep end and claims natural disasters are the work of God against an evil people, it is time that man or woman be sent back home.

Shelby County residents, let’s remember this come election time. It’s up to us to make this right