Police Reports from October 12, 2005

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Sept. 21

-Theft of Property from The Insurance Store at 521 1st St. Two Visioneer Strobe XB 200 Scanners valued at $600, one optical mouse valued at $10 and two combo drives valued at $120 were taken.

Sept. 29

-Possession of Drug Paraphernalia from 11th Ave. S.W. A glass pipe used to smoke cocaine, a brown paper bag containing cellophane bags and a paper towel were recovered.

-Theft of Gasoline from Interstate 65 Chevron at 1100 1st St. S. Some 9.386 gallons of gasoline at $3.199/gallon totaling $30.03 was taken.

-An incident at Quick Shop No. 2 at 1565 Simmsville Road was reported involving a counterfeit $100.

-Information Only from Riverside Express at Entrance Ramp of Interstate 65 South from Exit 238.

-Theft of Property from Quick Shop No. 2 (County Roads 68 and 11 Shell). Currency valued at $1,160 and gasoline valued at $50 were taken.

Sept. 30

-Breaking and Entering of Vehicle/Theft of Property from 524 3rd St. N.E. A chrome necklace valued at $100; an alarm box (black) valued at $40 and $300 cash were taken. A driver’s side window received $100 damage.

-Theft of Property from residence. Taken were a .30-06 Remington brand rifle valued at $300; a .22-caliber revolver with ivory handle valued at $150; and a .22 caliber automatic J.C. Higgins brand 15-shot rifle valued at $300.

-Unlawful Possession of Marijuana from Highway 31 North at Cannon Oil. A clear plastic bag containing a green leafy substance valued at $20 was recovered.

-Leaving the Scene of an Accident from Thompson Road/football field parking lot. A front bumper was damaged.

-Unlawful Possession of Marijuana from Stadium Drive.

-Domestic Violence/Assault from 101 Total Solutions Way.

Oct. 1

-Domestic Violence/Assault from 128 Betty Snow Circle Lot 4. A butterfly knife valued at $13.98 was recovered.

Oct. 2

-Unlawful Breaking and Entering Vehicle/Theft of Property from driveway of 505 Warrior Drive. A Lama .45 caliber ACP 1911 replica firearm with single stack magazine valued at $350 and a black leather holster (belt-slide) valued at $50 were stolen.

-Theft of Gasoline from Powermart at Alabama Highway 119. Some $50.34 worth of gasoline was taken.

-Criminal Trespassing/Theft of Property from 369 County Road 26. A 6 by 16 double axle red trailer with metal sidewalls valued at $900 was stolen.

-Theft of Property from RPM Motors at 130 1st St. S.W. A 1999 Ford Mustang valued at $18,000 was stolen.

Oct. 3

-Domestic Violence/Assault from 1256 Siskin Drive.

-Harassing Communications from Lot 58 at Cedar Grove Mobile Home Park.

-Theft of Property from an electrical box. Quarters valued at $100 were stolen.

-Driving Under the Influence/Unlawful Possession of Marijuana from Kent Dairy Road at Lake Forest Way. A clear bag containing a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana was recovered.

Oct. 4

-Theft of Identity/Forgery from an unknown location.

-Damage to Property.

Oct. 5

-Discharge Firearm from 1720 Butler Road.

-Domestic Dispute from 418 Knight Bridge Drive.

-Information Only Lost Property from 956 2nd Ave. N.W. involving silver LG 4500 Verizon Cellular Phone valued at $100.

-Information Only from 1300 Block of Willow Creek Place.

Oct. 6

-Natural Death information only from 850 9th St. N.W.

-First Report of Injury from 128 Betty Snow Circle.


Oct. 1

-Driving under the influence from County Road 52.

-Violation of a municipal ordinance from Highway 52 at Colonial Pipe.

-Fraudulent use of a credit or debit card from 2020 Pelham Parkway at Milo’s Restaurant.

-Domestic violence from 232 Cahaba Valley Road at the Hampton Inn.

-Burglary from 2170 Pelham Parkway. Items stolen included $570 in cash, various electronics ($310) and a wallet ($10).

Oct. 2

-Miscellaneous information from 133 Canyon Park Trail.

-Leaving the scene of an accident from 3548 Pelham Parkway at Hibbett Sports. A 2005 Ford Explorer was damaged ($800).

-Runaway juvenile from 441 Wilderness Road.

Oct. 3

-Outside agency assist from John Finley Drive at Terrace Drive.

-Miscellaneous information from Greenpark Motor Home Park.

-Theft of property from the Krystal Restaurant.

-Animal complaint from Heather Ridge Drive at Runaway Drive.

Oct. 4

-Criminal possession of a forged instrument from 2970 Pelham Parkway at American Family Care. $230 in cash was stolen.

-Domestic violence from an undisclosed location.

-Theft of property from an unknown location. A license plate was stolen ($52).

-Theft of property from 2067 Valleydale Terrace. A 1990 Plymouth Voyager was stolen ($2,000).

-Theft of property from 3018 Pelham Parkway at the Dollar Mart. 355 cigarettes were stolen ($355).

-Theft of property from 115-G David Green Drive. A winch was stolen ($1,200).

-Outside agency assist from 1401 County Road 33.

-Theft of property from 3502 Pelham Parkway at the Murphy Oil service station. $372 in cash was stolen.

-Domestic violence from an undisclosed location.

-Criminal mischief from 110 Hinds Street at the Buck Creek Storage facility. A recreational vehicle was damaged ($100).

-Ordinance violation from Creekview Drive.

-Miscellaneous information from 610 Highway 35.

Oct. 5

-Theft of property from Valley Intermediate School. A Gameboy was stolen ($125).

-Civil dispute from 2260 Pelham Parkway at the BP service station.

-Illegal use of a credit or debit card from the Wal-Mart Supercenter and Kohl’s department store.

-Unlawful use of a motor vehicle from 629 Industrial Park Road. A 1999 Chevrolet C25 was damaged.

-Miscellaneous information from Valley Intermediate School.

-Harassment from 2 Pesos Restaurant.

Oct. 6

-Theft of property from 2941 Pelham Parkway. $100 in cash was stolen.

-Property damage from Helena Road at Old Montgomery Highway. A 1999 Chevrolet Malibu was damaged ($1,500).

-Leaving the scene of an accident from 2738 Pelham Parkway at the CVS Pharmacy. A 2004 Ford Explorer was damaged ($500).

-Harassing communications from Kings Crest Lane.


Sept. 30

-Safe streets act from County Road 52 at Cahaba River Bridge.

-Failure to appear from Highway 261.

-Dog bite from Helena City Kennel.

-Property damage from Highway 261. A 2002 Chrysler Town and Country was damaged ($200).

-Safe streets act from Highway 17 at Highway 58.

Oct. 1

-Domestic incident and trespass warning from 1016 Ashley Brook Way.

-Probation violation from Highway 52 at Cahaba Falls Lane.

-Driving under the influence from Highway 52 at Cahaba Falls Lane.

-Safe streets act from Highway 95 at Hillspun Road.

-Safe streets act from County Road 52 at Mullins Drive.

-Theft of property from 122 Orchard Lane. Two digital video recorders were stolen ($800).

Oct. 2

-Domestic incident and trespass warning from 1605 Cunningham Drive.


Sept. 29

-Reckless Endangerment/Property Management from East College Street. A concrete block wall received $3,000 damage and a metal shelf received $500.

Sept. 30

-Forgery/Checks from Industrial Park Road. A check on First National Bank was valued at $10.10 valued.

-Indecent Exposure.

-Sexual Misconduct.

-Criminal Trespass from Egg and Butter Road.

-Interference with custody.

Oct. 1

-Theft of Property from Industrial Parkway. A purse valued at $50, containing check stubs, a license and Social Security card was stolen.

Oct. 2

-Burglary, Force, Non Residence, Larceny, Miscellaneous from Columbiana. Damaged were miscellaneous, $100; 50 Wonka Pixy Stix 10 oz., $100; 20, 1.74 oz. Plain M &M’s, $12; one 20 oz. Sourpunch Straws, Strawberry/Raspberry Flavor, $3; 24 assorted 20 oz. Gatorade drinks, $15; one key ring with three keys (cash register key and two others), $3.50.

Oct. 3

-Recovered Controlled Substance from Columbiana. Ten different sizes of rock cocaine were recovered.

-Possession Forged Instrument/Theft of Property from Columbiana. A checking account was listed with a $2,170 stolen value.


-No incidents to report


Sept. 28

-Property damage from 8039 Highway 25. A 2005 Dodge 3500 was damaged.

-Unlawful distribution of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of a controlled substance from 8454 Highway 31 South.

-Theft of property from 2220 Highway 84. Various medications were stolen.

-Unlawful breaking and entering of a motor vehicle and theft of property from 150 Camden Cove. Two checkbooks were stolen.

Sept. 29

-Incident from Highway 42 at Meadowlake Farms.

-Theft of property from 5100 Highway 31 at the Wal-Mart Supercenter. $847.70 in miscellaneous goods were stolen.

Sept. 30

-Driving under the influence and unlawful possession of a controlled substance from 10947 Highway 25.

-Criminal mischief from 744 23rd Avenue. Three tires were damaged ($300).

-Harassing communications from 270 Slabhill Road.

-Theft of property from 95 Echo Lane. A 1992 Honda 4-wheeler was stolen.

-Burglary from 473 County Road 315. Items stolen included various electronics ($1,276), $650 in cash and a sword ($10).

Oct. 1

-Criminal mischief from 9758 Highway 25 at Oliver Park. Three tires were damaged ($300).

-Animal complaint from 108 Addison Drive.

-Harassing communications and criminal trespassing from 67 Mustang Trail in Columbiana.

-Domestic incident and criminal mischief from 27 Rosemont Circle. Two windows were damaged.

-Reckless endangerment from Interstate 65 southbound.

-Harassing communications from 27 Rosemont Circle.

-Theft of property from 134 Savannah Lane. Items stolen included a washing machine ($300), a microwave ($100) and various lawn care equipment ($200).

Oct. 5

-Illegally obtained credit cards from 5100 Highway 31 at the Wal-Mart Supercenter.


Sept. 20

-Animal Complaint. A pair of dress pants received $50 damage.

Sept. 21

-Harassment/Harassing Communication from Domino’s Pizza.

Sept. 22

-Theft by Deception from Montevallo Drug Store. Taken were 60 Clonazepam pills.

-Theft of Property from an unknown location. Taken was a Discover card with a $3,666 stolen value.

Sept. 24

-Unlawful Possession of Controlled Substance from County Road 155. A white Methadone pill was recovered with a $20 value.

Sept. 26

-Murder from 171 Commerce Street.

-Domestic Violence from 1151 Oak Street Apartment A.

Sept. 27

-Harassment from roadway in front of 171 Oxford Circle.

-Domestic Violence from inside 160 Wilson Drive.

Sept. 28

-Recovery of a Controlled Substance from employee parking lot on Highway 25 from Woodgrain Distribution. uRecovered was a clear plastic bag containing an unknown white substance.

-Theft of Property/Unlawful Breaking and Entering Vehicle from an unknown location possibly 395 Crestview Circle. U.S. currency valued at $200 was taken.

-Theft of Property from 1060 Overland Road. Taken was a mixed breed dog valued at $200.

-Theft of Property from yard of 235 Quarels Street. Taken was a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire.

-Protective Custody from 125 Selma Road.

Sept. 29

-Unlawful Possession of Controlled Substance from Highway 25 at Middle Street. A clear bag containing white rock substance valued at $50 was recovered.

Sept. 30

-Theft of Property from 977 Spring Creek Road. One check with a $290 value was stolen.

Oct. 1

-Vehicle Damage to a front driver’s side fender and hood.

Oct. 2

-Kidnapping from County Road 10 at the Chevron.

-Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance from County Road 10 at Tomlyn Road. Several pieces of crack cocaine tested positive by means of NIK cocaine wipe, valued at $40, recovered.

-Assault/Domestic Violence from 53 Montevallo Villa.

-Theft of Property from residence. Jewelry, rings, bracelets, earrings and a necklace were stolen.

Oct. 3

-Assault from Montevallo Elementary School.

-Criminal Mischief from Spring Creek Road. A Toyota Tacoma received $250 damage.

-Menacing from doctor’s office on County Road 15.

Oct. 4

-Possession of Drug Paraphernalia from Highway 25 Pit Stop. Recovered were a hemostat and a homemade marijuana pipe.

-Domestic Violence at residence.

Burglary. No location listed. Door handle for backdoor broken.

-Wreck. Driver left scene from County Road 12.

-Identity Theft from Montgomery.

-Assault from Dauphin Way in front of residence.

Oct. 5

-Lost Property from 305 Cherokee Street. Lost was a male Boxer, fawn color and partial black mask with white blaze, valued at $300.


-No incidents to report.


-No incidents to report