Rounding the barrels: Local girl excels on horse riding circuit

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Kim Reed can’t see herself any place but in a saddle.

Understandable for a 10-year-old girl who’s been riding since she was two.

&8221;She’s gotten to be an old pro at it,&8220; her father Tim Reed says. &8221;Everybody in the family is involved with horses.&8220;

&8221;Involved&8220; is a term used lightly in this case. Kim’s mother Lynn works as a veterinarian and owns the Hall Animal Hospital in Westover while her father owns a business as horse shoeing. Kim’s brother is currently working with a famous horse trainer in the Montgomery area.

Reed has won her share of events in seven short years, including being named the Youth Show Grand Champion at the Northwest Florida QHA summer circuit championships in Marianna Fla. earlier this year. But for the brown-haired girl, it’s not all about the winning.

&8221;I just like to ride,&8220; she says. &8221;I’ve got a couple of friends who ride horses, but there’s not a lot of people who really understand what I do.&8220;

&8221;Kim’s favorite horse is her barrel horse, an eight-year-old named Jesse. The two have been through their share of events and Kim said she hopes to hang on to her partner for a long time.

The Reed’s are not only in the business of riding horses, but selling them as well. Many of their sales, Tim Reed said, can be credited to Kim.

&8221;People come from all over the south to the events we go to,&8220; he said. &8221;They watch her ride and say, &8216;her, if a ten-year-old little girl can do it than I can too.&8220;

But Kim is not your ordinary ten-year-old girl.

&8221;She rides better than most adults do,&8220; Reed says. &8221;It’s not real common to have accomplished as much as she has at such a young age.&8220;

Kim has gone through five horses since she began riding, with her family selling them to people from areas such as Greenville, Ala. and Conyers, Ga.

Even during practice times, which are strenuous and challenging for the best of riders, Kim seems to be simply enjoying herself.

&8221;This is what I want to do for the rest of my life,&8220; she says as she takes Jesse for a little stole around the family’s 10-acre home in Wilsonville. &8221;I want to ride and train horses.&8220;

Kim’s abilities are spread across the world of horse riding. She’s a master of styles ranging from English riding to barrel racing.

This week she heads to the Quarter horse Championship in Columbus, Oh., the largest of its kind in the world. And just like any rider competing in such a large event, even Kim is a little nervous.

&8221;Competing in smaller shows around this area I really don’t get to scared,&8220; she says with confidence. &8221;But in the big shows I really do get nervous.&8220;

Despite her young age, Kim has already garnered a lot of attention.

&8221;I was talking to the equestrian coach at Auburn the other day,&8220; her father says. &8221;He’s expressed interest but he said, &8216;it will take me awhile to recruit her, only being in the fifth grade and all.’&8220;