Foresight beats 20-20 view

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Like it or not, times are changing in Westover.

Growth and change are just over the horizon with little doubt the impact will be far reaching. Few reasonable people would argue that the growth can be prevented; it’s a sure thing just like death and taxes.

Lack of zoning and planning does not, regardless of popular belief, prevent or slow growth; to the contrary, zoning manages growth.

A quick look around our county reveals examples of growth that, without planning, resulted in unfortunate outcomes. So many times, the only response to misguided growth is a sigh of &8220;what a shame.&8221;

And there is no simple fix for growth gone amuck.

Once the inevitability of growth is accepted, two options exist: bury your head in the sand, hoping that the growth will somehow miss your town or, prepare the best you can for what is to come.

Westover mayor Mark McLaughlin and the majority of the town council have chosen the latter. They have chosen to do what is right rather than take a politically expedient route.

Some citizens of Westover are displeased with what they see as someone telling them how to use their property. However, Westover’s recent comprehensive plan will do more to preserve the quality of life in the town than it will to diminish it.

All existing structures in the town have been grandfathered so that the new laws will not impede the current use of the land; these new laws are to regulate future growth.

Those elected to public office have a job to do and that is to lead.

Citizens of Westover are fortunate that their city’s leadership has done just that