Police Reports from November 2, 2005

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 1, 2005


Oct. 18

-Harassing Communications from 108 Willow Creek South Lane.

-Criminal Mischief from Thompson Contracting from lots 25 and 26 at the Grove subdivision involving $10,000 worth of electrical wiring.

-Theft of Gasoline from CC Food Mart in the amount of $3.

-Theft of Gasoline from C & C Food mart at 151 Industrial Road in the amount of $47.

-Criminal Trespass from Lot 13 at Peavine Trailer Park.

-Harassment/Menacing from 104 Fourth Ave. N.E.

Oct. 19

-Theft of Property from 7895 Highway 119. Stolen was $200.

Oct. 20

-Driving under the influence of alcohola nd obstruction of justice from Warrior Drive at Thompson High School.

-Theft of Property from 1048 Willow Creek Court. An Alabama tag valued at $2 was stolen.

Oct. 21

-Unauthorized Use of Vehicle from 927 Falling Star Lane involving a 1997 Chevrolet.

-Theft of Property/Theft of Identify (no location) involving four blank AmSouth checks.

-Harassing Communications from a residence and by cell phone.

-Theft of Property from Sally Beauty Supply, 300 Colonial Promenade Parkway. Stolen were Generic Value Products including three ceramic straight irons valued at $69.99 each.

-Unlawful Possession of Marijuana/Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia from the road area of Highway 31S and Buddy’s BBQ. Recovered were a bag containing a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana and a multi-colored pipe used for smoking marijuana.

-Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance from the Wal-Mart Shopping Center. Recovered was medication.

Oct. 22

-Unlawful Possession of Marijuana from Highway 119 and Fulton Springs area. Marijuana was recovered.

-Unlawful Breaking and Entering Motor Vehicle/Theft of Property from Shelby Baptist Medical Center. Stolen were assorted items and $630 in cash.

-Theft of Property from 213 Park Place West. Stolen was a Toro push mower valued at $210.

Oct. 23

-Domestic Violence/Harassment from 185 Park Place Lane.

-Theft of Property from 1118 Arrowhead Trail. Stolen and recovered were an inflatable Tigger and Scooby Doo dressed in a Halloween costumes valued at $60 each.

-Located Missing Person from Lake Forest Way at Scenic Lake Drive.

-Theft of Property from 881 3rd St.NE Stolen was $550 in U.S. currency.

-Harassing Communications from Foods Mart, Highway 31.

-Criminal Mischief from 540 Buck Creek Lane. Damaged were a couch, $1,000; clothing, $4,000; living room carpet, $1,000; dishes, $300; spare bedroom carpet, $1,000; spare bedroom wall, $150; and a bed frame from spare bedroom, $300.

-Domestic Violence/Harassment from 281 9th Ave. S.W.

-Possession of Concealed Weapon/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia from 9th Ave. S.E. Recovered were a Bowie knife with leather sheath valued at $50 and a Nitro digital scale valued at $20.

-Domestic Violence/Assault from Old Highway 31/Junkyard.

Oct. 24

-Criminal Mischief from restroom at Warrior Park. A wooden wall received $500 damage and a plastic garbage can received $25 damage.

-Harassing Communications from 1312 8th St. S.W.

-Harassment from 124 Market Center Drive.

-Theft of Property from 1152 Amberly Woods Drive. Stolen were Halloween decorations including a scarecrow and lighted pumpkin valued at $20.


Oct. 20

-Miscellaneous information from County Road 52 at Pelham Parkway.

-Harassing communications from Shoney’s Restaurant at 613 Cahaba Valley Parkway.

-Theft of property from the Wal-Mart Supercenter. Twelve cans of Enfamil Lipil were stolen ($144).

Oct. 21

-Outside agency assist from Barnes & Noble at the Patton Creek Shopping Center in Hoover.

-Trafficking illegal drugs from Helena Road at the Hayesbury subdivision.

-Unlawful possession of a controlled substance from 3419 Pelham Parkway.

-Lost property from the Pelham Racquet Club. A wallet ($10) and $120 in cash were stolen.

-Miscellaneous information from the A&W Restaurant at 3310 Pelham Parkway.

-Leaving the scene of an accident from Cahaba Valley Road at Highway 31. A 1998 Ford Mustang was damaged ($2,500).

-Driving under the influence and driving while suspended from Cahaba Valley Road at the Ruby Tuesday’s restaurant.

-Public intoxication from Volare Drive at Southgate Village.

Oct. 22

-Harassing communications from 557 Creek View Drive.

-Theft of property from Kanawha Scales and Systems from 180 Applegate Circle. $70 in cash was stolen.

-Criminal mischief from 125 Cheshire Lane. A 1998 Toyota Camry was damaged ($250).

-Harassment and trespassing from 2048 Chandalar Court.

-Unlawful breaking and entering of a motor vehicle from Oak Mountain Lanes. $130 in various items were stolen.

-Outside agency assist from County Road 52 at McCain Parkway.

-Domestic violence from 350 Belle Vista Motor Home Park.

-Death investigation from 220 Weatherly Way.

-Criminal mischief from 115 Stratford Circle. A 2001 Mercury Cougar was damaged ($400).

Oct. 23

-Theft of property and criminal trespassing warning from 3296 Pelham Parkway. $26 in cash was stolen.

-Driving under the influence from Interstate 65.

-Criminal mischief from Chandabrook Circle. A 2001 Dodge Ram was damaged ($400).

-Theft of property from 3588 Pelham Parkway. Eight cartons of cigarettes were stolen ($280).

-Harassing communications from 640 Highway 361.

-Theft of property and outside agency assist from the Wal-Mart Supercenter at 2181 Pelham Parkway. Items stolen included a tool pouch ($1), a socket set ($5), an English translator ($19), a Michael Jackson DVD ($15), two bundles of teaspoons ($2) and three 100-packs of mini glue sticks.

-Property damage from Interstate 65.

Civil dispute from the Waffle House Restaurant from 2965 Pelham Parkway.

-Miscellaneous information from Martin Street.

Oct. 24

-Theft of property from Wal-Mart Supercenter. A wallet ($15) and $138 in cash were stolen.

-Property damage from McDonald’s at 580 Cahaba Valley Road. An awning was damaged ($500).

-Unlawful possession of a controlled substance from 640 Cahaba Valley Road.

-Miscellaneous information from Diamond Triumph Auto Glass at 1121 Morgan Park Road.

-Unexplained lost property from the Oak Mountain State Park golf course. A phone was lost ($110).

-Property damage from Keystone Plaza at 3588 Pelham Parkway.

-Miscellaneous information from Diamond Triumph Auto Glass at 121 Morgan Park Road.

-Theft of property from Ballantrae golf course. Items stolen included a set of golf clubs ($2,415) a Rolex watch ($6,700) and a wedding ring ($1,200).

Oct. 25

-Driving under the influence from Kelly Drive at County Road 11.

-Miscellaneous information from County Road 35 at State Park Road.

-Theft of property from ABS Car Sales at 2170-A Pelham Parkway. A 2001 Chevrolet Blazer was stolen ($8,000).

-Theft of property from Pizza Hut at 1000 Oak Mountain Circle. A wallet ($20) and $18 in cash was stolen.

-Unlawful possession of a controlled substance from Atlas Chiropractic at 2046 Valleydale Terrace.

-Gas drive off of $42 from the Raceway service station at 3314 Pelham Parkway.

-Outside agency assist from Weatherly Club Drive at Oxford Way.

-Violation to carry a pistol from Pelham Parkway. Items stolen included two guns and 10 rounds of ammunition were confiscated.

-Robbery from the Best Western Hotel at 100 Bishop Circle. $327 in cash was stolen.

Oct. 26

-Unlawful possession of a controlled substance from 404 Wilderness Road.

-Theft of property from Metro Mini Storage at 2792 Pelham Parkway. Items stolen included a scooter ($300), a printer ($50), a baby walker ($40), a chest ($50) and a rug ($40).

-Harassing communications from 210 Fawns Way.

-Miscellaneous information from State Park Road at County Road 35.

Oct. 27

-Theft by deception from 2727 Pelham Parkway. Repairs were stolen ($242).

-Theft of property from Plaza Pines Motor Home Park. Items stolen included two televisions ($400), a phone ($169), a computer ($1,500) and a shotgun ($125).

-Civil dispute from 108 David Green Road.

-Sex offender annual registration from 519 County Road 35.

-Criminal mischief from Wachovia Bank at 3350 Pelham Parkway. An ATM was damaged ($1,000).

-Theft of property from the Wal-Mart Supercenter at 2181 Pelham Parkway. Three DVDs and Tylenol were stolen.

-Harassing communications from 210 Fawns Way.

-Found property from Purdue Drive. A shotgun was found.


Oct. 20

-Domestic violence and harassment from 235 1st Avenue.

-Medical incident from 816 Highway 52.

-Gas drive off of $51.01 from 4925 Highway 17.

-Recovered lost property from Claiborne Street at Highway 52.

-Reckless driving from Shelby County Jail.

Oct. 21

-Property damage from Helena Intermediate School.

-Public intoxication from Rocky Ridge Drive at Highway 17.

-Resisting arrest and safe streets act from 101 Cahaba Falls Lane.

-Safe streets act from Old Cahaba Parkway at Old Cahaba Place.

Oct. 22

-Recovered property from the new playground at Joe Tucker Park.

Oct. 23

-Gas drive off of $10 from 1107 Townhouse Road.

-Safe streets act from Highway 95 at Gordo’s.

-Safe streets act from Highway 261 at Bearden Dairy.

-Domestic violence from 625 Parkside Circle.


Oct. 19

-Structure Fire from 200 Block of Depot Street at Masonic Lodge. Recovered wall plug with assembly attached, glass plane window above fan, portable fan, camera with photos taken at scene.

Oct. 22

-Harassment from Alabama Avenue.

-Interference With Custody/Causing Delinquency of a Child from 300 Block of Highway 70. Two reports.

Oct. 24

-Register Shortage from 300 Block of Highway 70, McDonald’s. Possibly stolen was $224.74 in U.S. currency.

-Theft of Property/Criminal Mischief from 200 Block of West College Street. Stolen were two Dewalt Drills, 1/2 and 3/8, valued at $210; one portable nail gun, valued at $1; one Black & Decker skill saw, valued at $54; one Makita skill saw, valued at

$1; and damaged was one tool box valued at $2,000.

-Theft of Property from 300 Block of Highway 70. Medication valued at $21.19 stolen.

-Harassment from 300 Block of Highway 70.


-No incidents to report


Oct. 19

-Burglary and theft of property from Long Branch Parkway. Items stolen included various construction supplies ($10); and copper lines were damaged ($1,500).

-Theft of property from 10635 Highway 31. Prescription drugs were stolen ($20).

Oct. 23

-Unlawful possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia from Pilgreen Drive and Highway 25.

Oct. 24

-Counterfeiting from Mutual Savings. $4,920 in cash was stolen.

Oct. 25

-Theft of property and fraudulent use of a credit card from 104 Mayfair Lane. $135 in cash was stolen.

-Burglary and criminal mischief from the Hillbrook Manor apartments. A door was damaged ($295).

-Animal complaint from 197 Creek Stone Trail.

Oct. 26

-Assault from 830 6th Avenue.


Oct. 10

-Unlawful Possession of Marijuana/Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia from Highway 25 at Montevallo Hotel. Recovered were a clear bag containing green leafy substance valued at $50 and a pack of cigarette rolling paper valued at $2.

-Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia from Highway 25. Recovered was a leather black case containing syringes and straws with a white powdery substance inside valued at $10.

Oct. 18

-Duty to Stop and Remain at Scene from intersection of Highway 119 and Wadsworth. A Mustang GT bumper was damaged.

Oct. 19

-Wreck from Valley and Wadsworth Street. A 1994 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight received $200 damage.

Oct. 20

-Criminal Trespassing Enforcement Patrol request from Central Machine and Fabrication at 250 Spring Drive.

-Robbery from inside Montevallo Market. Stolen were U.S. currency valued at $1,000 and an orange Gatorade valued at $1.89.

Oct. 21

-Theft of Property and Criminal Trespass from Central Machine and Fabrication located at 250 Spring Drive. Stolen were 45 pounds of aluminum shavings.

-Allowing Dogs (nuisance) to Run from 225 Dauphin Street. Two pit bulls were recovered.

-Theft of Property from Hardee’s, 225 North Main. Stolen was $138 cash.

-Assault from 615A Highway 203.

Oct. 22

-Domestic Violence from yard of Briarwood Apartment No. 2P.

-Failure to Render Aid from College Park Apartments. The back panel of a vehicle was damaged.

-Theft of Property from Subway, Main Street. A cellular flip phone valued at $150 was stolen.

Oct. 23

-Domestic Violence from University Trailer Park, Lot 45.

-Theft of Property from Lot 18 University Trailer Park. A 1996 Chevrolet G30 Van valued at $2,895 was recovered.

-Theft of Property, Motor Vehicle from 112 Tomlyn Road. Stolen was a Chevrolet Malibu valued at $2,000.

-Theft of Property/Criminal Trespass from Central Machine and Fabrication from 250 Spring Drive. Metal shavings, valued at $500 were stolen.

Oct. 24

-Domestic Violence from 225 Graham Street, Apartment 4.

-Theft of Property/Unlawful Breaking and Entering Vehicle from parking lot in front of office at Cobblestone Cove Apartments. Stolen were a Dewalt 18-volt drill kit, saw all, skill saw and hammer drill in a black box valued at $500.


-No incidents to report.


-No incidents to report